It started with a spark of simple dream from simple heart of a simple man, B. L. Dickson; the passion and desire to see productivity and value in our youngsters.

Going from one street to the next, I began to weep as I see many young talents wasting and basking in the euphoria of stake illiteracy, violence, drunkenness, and drugs addictions of all sorts. Many were sends to Prison, fresh brains to be locked, denied a chance and expression of their inert ability.
We began prison fellowship system of bringing God's love to the door steps of their heart. I discovered a more disturbing issue still. Those who weren't imprisoned by chance or whatever; they caused more havoc than the former.
Some their parents or guidance just couldn't stand seeing their wards or children in jail!

Twas like a fire shut in my bones, I researched and looked for joints - where dark fellowship takes place. We found some; and the journey began, "mobile rehabilitation system" for glorified rehabilitees!
They gather in a spot, twice a week, impact lives, changing dreams and transforming destinies for the better!

According to 'Wikipedia':
Rehabilitation is the re-integration into society of a convicted person and the main objective of modern penal policy, to counter habitual offending, also known as criminal recidivism.

Alternatives to imprisonment also exist, such as community service, probation orders, and others entailing guidance and aftercare towards the defender

Norway’s prison system is based on the principle of normalization, in which inmates have access to amenities they would have outside of prison, such as an exclusive mini fridge, flat-screen TV, private bathroom, and unlimited access to the 75 acres of land the prison is on.
This, along with a shared kitchen and living area “to create a sense of family” among inmates and the absence of traditional prison uniforms contributes to Norway’s rehabilitative normalcy system. The prison’s structure is composed of Units A, B and C with Unit A housing those in need of psychiatric or medical attention, thus being the most prohibitive of the three.
Rehabilitative measures involve education, job training, workshops to acquire a trade, and therapy along with the humane treatment they receive from personnel who have to complete 3 years of training to become prison guards. The effectiveness of Norway’s methods is evident as they hold the lowest recidivism rate worldwide at less than 30%. “Better out than in” is Norway’s Correctional Service unofficial motto that is in view with their rehabilitative system as a justice to society by integrating inmates as functioning members of society upon release.

Making positive impact,  providing exemplary and quality leadership lifestyle, through social advocacy and legislation, advance cultural awareness and competence across communities, search for/and promoting excellence in human personality reformation practice, and support vocational training and engagement in the employment and interdependence of individuals with diversifies abilities.

Vision and Values:
We seek to be committed to advancing the vocational practices of rehabilitation driven by culturally driven-competence, ethical values, evidence-based and accountable exercise of human consciousness so those individuals with diverse abilities so as to be regarded and valued a full members of the society. Knowing also that those individuals deserve equal access, expression of choice,  freedom to live within our communities while engaging in all aspects of their endeavors.

Our rehabilitees draws strength from the vibrant training, non formal education, and credentialing of our diverse membership that believes excellence and dignity of labour.

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