“where there is no vision, the people cast off restraint; but he that keepeth the law, happy is he”         – Proverbs 29:18 (ASV)

In the matter of national development and growth, one ‘thing’ must stand out, and that is the issue of vision. The foundation of our dear country Nigeria has to be revisited, and I say this with all sense of humility; if not we will keep going round the clock. I think ‘history’ has to come into play here.
Vision; is the basic requirement for leadership. No vision, no life, no living, no destiny and consequently no fulfillment in anything you will ever do. Vision; it’s all you need as a leader to be able to lead and lead right. You must understand and know in clear terms, the enormity and the seriousness of that position you occupy; else you will definitely abuse it.

The word ‘where’ here, indicates a location; a platform, a place where activities takes place.
It means that a church that has no vision; it is that church that will not survive the test of time, no matter how much money, people, connections, materials, audience it seems to have or possess. It will not survive!
An organization that does not operate based on principles of vision; that organization will never see the light of the day, come what may.
Even if that organization may seem to be going places, meeting people, and attending to needs, they may even be bringing materials to solve other issues of life – temporarily; the same organization will not even sustain itself eventually; when the trials (the swelling of Jordan) of life begins to surface.
The word; ‘Where’, could also mean a ministry! Whether religions or secular ministry, once it is void of vision, that ministry will die. Definitely, it will not live up to people’s expectations. Because like someone said:

“Leadership, is carried on the shoulder of vision, it is run on the wheels of vision”        - B. L. Dickson; Leadership Compendium, 2014

‘Where’, could as well mean an institution or school (may be primary, secondary or tertiary institutions). No matter the level the of structure you see on ground, and the numbers of students or pupils who had secured admissions are; that institution will eventually come to ruin, simply because Heaven looks for a vision in the institution and found none! Even the structures itself will not survive; everything will come crashing down or come to a halt.

The family, here has no limit or description. Any family at all that runs it affairs visionless, that family will not stand; but rather it will collapse. A husband and wife that has no vision for getting married or coming together as ‘one’; will not live to bring out something good out of their union. Their marriage will never be a blessing as promised in the Holy Scriptures. Even if the husband is a clergy as well as the wife, no vision, no success! It does not even matter how and where they got married. Vision sustains everything in life and for life.

“It is only Vision that sustains everything in life and for life”

‘Where’, here does not necessarily mean a geographical location, but an environment for physical or spiritual activity.
The issue of vision is a very serious ‘thing’ on the mind of the Creator; it forms the foundation upon which we raise or build any structure or system; for the church and our present society.

Vision actually defines a man and so is a nation; in other words, your vision defines who you are. In your area of specialties, you may be an authority in a particular field of endeavor and life discovered that you are walking along its corridor without vision; repulsion is what I guarantee you will take place. Life itself rejects men and women who have no vision in their life and for their lives.
    Are you a medical doctor?
    Why did you decide to be that?
    Graduated with a first class in engineering?
    Where will your qualification take you to and why?
    You refused every other profession to become an actor/actress, what motivated you?
    On what do you operate your life; Vision or Ambition?

Someone may refuse anything called ‘academic’ and just hang to business (money ventures), buying and selling; that is your ‘where’. It’s your own environment. The question is:
Do you have a reason for going into that venture?
Why are you in that market place, and not in an academic environment?
Do you have a reason to present to your world, why you’re there?
If not, then you have no vision at all. We all must be propelled by something for doing something – that is a vision. The why of a thing! The way of life!

Anything we do and anywhere we find ourselves, we must clearly define our motivation for doing or being there. That is a sign of maturity. Life is meaningless without a reason, a vision.
Vision is the reason behind whatever ‘thing’ we embark on or try to establish or set up in our lives. It should be.
Vision, gives life to anything and everything we do in life and ministry.
“Show me a man without vision, and I’ll show you a walking corpse”

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