Leadership Intergrity-The Basics Concepts And Principle


Sometimes back I was going through my archive and came across some amazing little stories. I read a simple story in one of my French collections, and here is the translated version of the story, it is titled: ‘UN VOYAGE DIFFICILE’1 (A DIFFICULT JOURNEY):

“Once upon a time, there was a man and his only son who were travelling to a distant country. They had only a donkey (an ass) for their journey, but the unfortunate truth was that he was not sure as to whether the donkey could take/carry the both of them at the same time. The father being a good and kind-hearted man decided to put his son on the donkey and they started out on the journey.
After covering some distance, they met a man who did not like what he saw – a father on foot! So he scolded the father saying that he was stupid to have placed the son on the donkey instead of himself. The father felt ashamed. He stopped the donkey, ordered his son to come down and went on the donkey himself.
The journey seems to be progressing until they met another person who was not happy with what he saw – a little child on foot! That man must be a selfish father! So he told the man that that was not right, himself alone being on the donkey. The father felt ashamed and took on to the advice of the stranger, who told him to put the son on the donkey too! The man obeyed. He then ordered the son to climb on behind, which he did and journey continued.
On the way they met yet again another big, tall man who yelled at the father because of what he called a gross injustice against an innocent animal! He now advised the two travelers that they were the wicked of all human races he’s ever seen! Two people on an animal! Out of shame, the man got down and asked his son to do the same, and the journey seems to be progressing, but in difficulty.
By the time they met the forth stranger, it was another story all together! How can two persons be walking side by side with a donkey that should rather carry them? The man laughed and scorned at them, asking the father if he was mad. The whole ‘thing’ was now becoming unbearable! Which of them, and who among these four would he heed to?
The father, tired of the so-called pieces of advises of his fellow men, decided to go on his journey as fate had planned for him!”
In sadness and frustration, the travelers watched their ideas and minds being meddled by other people’s opinion of what and how he should do things.
“Vision, gives life to anything and everything we do in life and ministry”


“Where there is no vision, the people perish”2

Vision; is the basic requirement for leadership. No vision, no life, no living, no destiny and consequently no fulfillment in anything you will ever do. Vision; it’s all you need as a leader to be able to lead and lead right. You must understand and know in clear terms, the enormity and the seriousness of that position you occupy; else you will definitely abuse it.

The word ‘where’ here, indicates a location; a platform, a place where activities takes place.
It means that a church that has no vision; it is that church that will not survive the test of time, no matter how much money, people, connections, materials, audience it seems to have or possess. It will not survive!
An organization that does not operate based on principles of vision; that organization will never see the light of the day, come what may.
Even if that organization may seem to be going places, meeting people, and attending to needs, they may even be bringing materials to solve other issues of life – temporarily; the same organization will not even sustain itself eventually; when the trials (the swelling of Jordan) of life begins to surface.
The word; ‘Where’, could also mean a ministry! Whether religions or secular ministry, once it is void of vision, that ministry will die. Definitely, it will not live up to people’s expectations. Because like someone said:

“Leadership, is carried on the shoulder of vision, it is run on the wheels of vision”3

‘Where’, could as well mean an institution or school (may be primary, secondary or tertiary institutions). No matter the level the of structure you see on ground, and the numbers of students or pupils who had secured admissions are; that institution will eventually come to ruin, simply because Heaven looks for a vision in the institution and found none! Even the structures itself will not survive; everything will come crashing down or come to a halt.

The family, here has no limit or description. Any family at all that runs it affairs visionless, that family will not stand; but rather it will collapse. A husband and wife that has no vision for getting married or coming together as ‘one’; will not live to bring out something good out of their union. Their marriage will never be a blessing as promised in the Holy Scriptures. Even if the husband is a clergy as well as the wife, no vision, no success! It does not even matter how and where they got married. Vision sustains everything in life and for life.

“It is only Vision that sustains everything in life and for life”

‘Where’, here does not necessarily mean a geographical location, but an environment for physical or spiritual activity.
The issue of vision is a very serious ‘thing’ on the mind of the Creator; it forms the foundation upon which we raise or build any structure or system; for the church and our present society.

In your area of specialties, you may be an authority in a particular field of endeavor and life discovered that you are walking along its corridor without vision; repulsion is what I guarantee you will take place. Life itself rejects men and women who have no vision in their life and for their lives.
    Are you a medical doctor?
    Why did you decide to be that?
    Graduated with a first class in engineering?
    Where will your qualification take you to and why?
    You refused every other profession to become an actor/actress, what motivated you?
    On what do you operate your life; Vision or Ambition?

Someone may refuse anything called ‘academic’ and just hang to business (money ventures), buying and selling; that is your ‘where’. It’s your own environment. The question is:
Do you have a reason for going into that venture?
Why are you in that market place, and not in an academic environment?
Do you have a reason to present to your world, why you’re there?
If not, then you have no vision at all. We all must be propelled by something for doing something – that is a vision. The why of a thing! The way of life!

Anything we do and anywhere we find ourselves, we must clearly define our motivation for doing or being there. That is a sign of maturity. Life is meaningless without a reason, a vision.
Vision is the reason behind whatever ‘thing’ we embark on or try to establish or set up in our lives. It should be.
Vision, gives life to anything and everything we do in life and ministry.
“Show me a man without vision, and I’ll show you a walking corpse”.



What is vision really?
“The ability and foresight to capture the picture your future in the palm of your hand, is what I define as vision”3

Your vision of a future situation or society is what you imagine or hope it would be like; if things were very difficult from the way they are now. For example:

“I have a vision of a society that is free of exploitation and injustice! Your vision is your ability to see clearly with your eyes”4

Your vision should be your drive. Let me tell this; in your daily endeavors, if nothing motivates to do something or stand for something, you’re living a dangerous life! Like a shaft, your vision gives you a sense of direction and coordination. I am yet to see a car without its driving shaft; that kind of car has not yet been invented. Only through fictions movies, but generally speaking, every car needs a shaft. In the world of leadership, every leader needs a shaft – a driving shaft. Every leader needs a vision.
It is a crime, a crime against humanity and divinity for anybody to venture into the hall of leadership without a vision! Posterity will not forgive you, if you try to.

Yes, we’ve defined clearly and in clear terms what vision really is, but we’ll move a little further to bring to light an impostor called; ‘ambition’.
Ambition has taken on the altar of vision and is now wearing its garment. So many don’t seem to separate the two. Is there any difference between the two?
Listen up please.

“It is a crime, a crime against humanity and divinity for anybody to venture into the hall of leadership without a vision! Posterity will not forgive you, if you try to”

Are they brother and sister, or do they come from the same village?
Well let’s do some little assignment here and see how far, shall we?

“If you have an ambition to achieve something, you want to very much to achieve it”

For instance;
“His ambition is to sail around the world”.
It is a desire to be successful… and needs a lot of work in order to be successful… to be rich, powerful”.

Note the following words or phrases please from the above:
-    Desire
-    Achieve
-    Want
-    Very much
-    A lot of work
-    To be
-    In order.
What do you think that word/phrase mean to a man of vision and how different is it from ambition?
A clear study reveals that:
Vision – is not about me only.
Vision – is not concern about ‘want’, but need.
Ambition – is all about me only.
Ambition – does not care whether that desire is needful at that moment or not.
Leaders do not act based on ambitions, but they work and operate in accordance to the principles of vision.
Ambition – kills, it always has a disadvantage.
Vision – makes a live.
Vision – does not have a disadvantage, not at all.
Ambition: makes you run so fast in life, and take rash decisions.
Now listen to Chris Kwakpovwe:
“when you run so fast to get some where, you miss half the fun of getting there”.
Vision: creates patience
“To be patient is to wait, and many, almost every human being hates to wait”
Patience! It is a virtue that every leader must emulate!
Please discuss further, making relevant contributions of real life experiences.
An unknown preacher said once and I quote:
“When you hurry GOD on any matter, you attract a curse (woe)”
The basics and concepts of leadership is the only thing missing in many books written on leadership that I’ve read so far. When you place a cat before a horse; get ready to be a spectator! You must learn to wait. It is necessary!
I was engaged recently in a heart-to-heart discussion with a particular servant of GOD that many people don’t seem to appreciate, but I discovered him to be an interesting personality. Here is what he lamented to me profusely:
“I have hurt so many people that I shouldn’t have, made so many enemies that were unnecessary and I’ve been hurt so badly by those I’ve trusted... but I later realized that all that happened because I did not apply patience…”
I felt the hurts as he opened up his heart to me at the end of our meeting (around pass 10.pm in the night) he concluded by saying:
“Please my dear brother, don’t go through the pains I went through due to my impatience; I know I wasn’t wrong but my impatience had caused me so much pains, waste of time – my precious time, and I had to pay (painfully) in due course”. He added:
“Please don’t! Be impatient in life, wait”!
Now, as a leader to be, or if you’re in any position of leadership, please I want you to imbibe this basic quality of leadership. This is my candid advice to you. Be patient in everything.
The concept of leadership, cut across every aspect of our human existence.
Listen (and discuss) to what Sarah Utterbach said on patience:
“Patience is the bridge that carries you from the will of God to the promises of God. If you do the will of God on this side, the promises are waiting for you on the other side, but patience is the bridge that gets you from one side to the other! The key is – bridges come in different lengths!”5
So there is a bridge that connects the will of Jehovah to the fulfillment thereof. And what is that please?
Right, Patience!

“Where there is No Vision…”
We are going back to our opening statement, the divine order of the kingdom principles and its concept.
So there is a city known as ‘no’.
An empty house, swept and kept idle, is the Devil’s workshop where he fabricates all sorts of lies, deception, falsehood, condemnation, and evil imaginations.
It is a crime against humanity and divine order for a leader to leave his head empty. Your brain is able to design, to accommodate, and carry unfathomable information, but we’ve seen a place called ‘No’.
No, means there is ‘nothing’. It means void of substance. In leadership, you must carry substance. You must be a person of substance, in terms of ideas, knowledge, exposure and intelligence. Tell it to yourself that; you must carry substance. Don’t live and enjoy the company of fools, we are, as leaders called into a higher life.
    No, indicates ignorance.
    No, connotes lack.
    No, introduces inability.
    No, confirms absence.
    No, tells me if you’re out – out of supply, of ideas, inventions, initiatives, innovation and knowledge. Remember what the Scriptures said in Philippians four, nineteen?
“My GOD shall supply all my needs according to His riches in Glory by Christ Jesus…”
‘No’ forms a colony and introduces a presence of ignorance. ‘a fool said in his heart, that there is ‘no’ GOD…’
“To be ignorant, is to die the death of a fool”

For a soul to be without knowledge, the scripture says it is not good.
(Discuss where this is found and read from different versions or translations).

The Danger of Ignorance
‘No’ – also shows you nothing.
“Nobody ever made a greater mistake than he who did nothing. Because he could only do little” and I add: or nothing”
– Edmund Burke.
Eskimo said:
“He that boasts of his own knowledge, proclaims his ignorance”
An ignorant person is like the grave, he carries foolishness on his shoulder that whenever you dare talk sense to him, he calls you foolish. The greatest thing Elohim laments over humanity is the rulership of ignorance.
I once saw an American proverb that said:
“Ignorance is a form of environmental pollution”
How true is this statement can you add any experience that agrees to the above fact?
Ignorance is synonymous to darkness, confusion, evil, and indecision. So by implication, a man without vision is in darkness, he cannot see the light of the day.
There is a city called ‘No’ and it is the habitations of fools. A leader cannot and should pay a fare or a rent in that city. Ignorance is evil, it kills and destroys.
How can this affect our nation?

The Price of Ignorance
“Ignorance is preferable to error, and he is less remote from the truth who believes nothing than he who believes what is wrong”6

The price of ignorance as it relates to leadership is highly grievous; you can’t reclaim your honor once lost via ignorance.
Death is the price you pay for being ignorant in life and of life.
“You can only be killed by what you don’t know; anything you don’t know will eventually destroy you”
Leadership through ignorance is evil and destructive. Many churches are gone; some now empty and void of God’s grace and presence, because ignorance was given a front seat in the church.
Dreams shattered, vision disappears and ignorance assumes the throne of our communities, organizations and families.
Academic environment has been turned to crises ground and battle field, because ignorance leads. Communal crises are now on the increase, because our kings and rulers are bound-brothers with Mr. Igno. they’ve agreed for him to take part in decision making.
Our utterances are poison, even to our own children and people because uncle Igno, is the mouthpiece of the organizations and schools. Igno, is now the spokesman in the ministries that was once lead by the Holy Ghost.
Oh, how far and farther away we have gone from knowledge and our hearts sticks in covenant with ignorance and stupidity! We make mockery of our God, when it’s time to nominate key leaders in the ministry, Ignorance is seated among the Deacon and Deaconesses and Deacon Igno has been nominated the Head of Deacon!
Decay and falsehood takes over the entire ministry; Sin rules.

Vision and Action
In leadership, you can have a vision that is not backed with action; is like a running car without brake.
A man who goes to farm with all his tools but forgets to put on his shoes suitable for the job, is the same as having a vision without action.
 Let’s go back to our root sentence or opening sentence;
“Where there is no vision, the people …”

The People
I call them the ‘action-group’. If the vision is there but the people are not there, can anything happen?
Now that is the spark (vision), the plug (the People).
Vision sparks; the plug sustains the spark for a corresponding action to take place. If the spark is okay but not sustained, it will create or cause more damage in your car (engine).
Ignite the fire and allow the people to sustain it.
Vision – helps you create or design a system. The people help you to sustain the system. It makes more sense when you work with people, love them, carry them along, don’t be a lone-ranger, you will accomplish nothing. And eventually attain to nothing in life.

Vision Versus Action
Once an African proverb captivated my attention and I noted it down, here is it:
“Vision without action is a nightmare”

Action without vision is just passing time. But vision with action will change the world!
We are changers, leadership is revolution; changing and shifting paradigm using the existing system to build or establish or fresh one, though it may not be quite or entirely different and from the old – that is leadership.

It’s good to have a cell phone, but it better to get a cell phone and a battery. It’s best to have a phone, a battery and a charger!
Going a little further; it is excellent to have a cell phone, a battery, a charger and SIM card and airtime! The choice is yours to make.
Vision must be accompanied with action. It makes the equation balance, and brings any system to a state of equilibrium.
Peter, envisioned himself walking on water, when he saw (vision), the Messiah doing (action) the same. But until he acted on the words of Christ, he would never have walked on water.

“If you don’t step out (action) of your boat, you’ll never walk on waters of circumstances”


As usual, let’s go back the root sentence again.

“… The people perished”

An action that cannot or does not produce visible reaction is as good as dead – inactive (no action). So, when there no vision, no action the outcome is not known.
(discuss in details how this affects our organization, community, and the country at large).
“To every action there is equal and opposite reaction”

o    Which law states this?
o    How can it affect our very existence?

Now pay attention to this:

“My people are being destroyed for lack of knowledge; because you (the priestly nation) have rejected knowledge. I will also reject you, that you shall be no priest to me…7”

The privileged priest started the rejection process. They were a nation of priests, priceless people, love by the Almighty, cherished by heaven, adored by nature; yet destroyed by ignorance. What an irony of life.

The perished privileged
The fact that God loves you is not guarantee to allow ignorance linger at the door of your precious heart. The privileged sect were called, selected, and separated for greater glory but something happened; the destroyer sneaked in, consumes their passion, killed their enthusiasm and bring to naught the destiny of the nation once loved and highly priced by the LORD Almighty.

A Timely Warning to the Careless
Listen people, no matter how anointed you are, however gifted you may be, once you begin to meddle with ignorance, darkness, confusion, and shadows; you begin to lose your inheritance; even your very God-given inheritance.
Why should the priceless privileged sons and daughters of GOD be destroyed and perish? That is about what ignorance can accomplish.
Once you’re found to be in relationship of any kind with ignorance, the Almighty loses interest in you. The cry will be; ‘how are the mighty fallen!’ The lamentation of darkness becomes the songs of your soul. May that not be your lot in this life!

When Vision Are Revived
Listen friends, I’ve got a good news for you today. All hope is not lost! I’ve been given the mandate to declare that you’ll live again, you will smile again. There is a resurrection for you. Listen; Lazarus – was dead for four days; the Master came around, at the grave, the grave this was buried, He called forth and Lazarus was restored back to life again. He was the big brother of the house, hope you know that? That means he’s like the vision of the family, but now dead. Praise is to Yahshua Messiah, for his timely arrival.
You will reclaim your lost vision; and when that happens, the Creator will be glorified; and your life will take a new turn entirely.
Vision is the closest friend of time, waste it and your entire life becomes a waste! There was this write up by Michael Lebeof, he once said of time:
“Waste your money, you are out of it; but waste your time, you have lost it for the rest of your life”

When vision is lost, halve lives are gone.

“No nation can grow and develop without its own vision8”

When visions are revived, even the lost opportunities in life are regained. Regaining our vision in life can nullify even the so called proverb of Portuguese that said:

“Hell is paved with good intensions and roofed with lost opportunities”

Yes, that proverb will surely be reversed, and heaven will smile on you again. It does not matter what had happened to you in this life, all that counts is your willingness to be revived from visionless, aimless and vain life. The Master; Yahshua Messiah is waiting to fix things around you. Just take a journey of trust and see the end result!

“A very great vision is needed, and the man who has it must follow it as the eagle seeks the deepest blue of the sky9”

The place of hope, the city of restoration – the deepest blue sky! What a hope!
One of the Art Midoros write-ups said:

“Dreams and visions are infused into men for their advantage and instruction…”

How true this is! It’s so powerful and factual. Inside of you lies the instructions of the Creator, live by them, and you will be great in life. Everything He does as far as the planet earth is concern is first and foremost to our advantage, but the enemy comes and tells us otherwise.
Please I’d like you to take this advice from Napoleon Hill:

“Cherish your visions and your dreams. They are the children of your soul, the blue prints of your ultimate achievements”

What a timely encouragement! Heaven will never leave us stranded on the path of life, never!
Leaders are those who value information and they cherish knowledge, it is the light of the soul and the candle of hope, in this hopeless world. But listen to this:

“In life, many thoughts are born in the course of a moment, an hour, and a day Some are visions, some dreams. Often, we are unable to distinguish between them. To some, they are the same; however, not all dreams are visions.
Much energy is lost in fanciful dreams that never bear fruit. But visions are messages from the Great Spirit (the Holy Ghost)…
I added
…each for a different purpose in life. Consequently, one person’s vision may not be that of another.
To have a vision, one must be prepared to receive it, and when it comes, to accept it. Thus when these inner urges become reality only then can visions be fulfilled.
The spirited side of life knows every one’s heart and who to trust. How could a vision be given to someone to harbor if that person could not be trusted to carry it out.
The message is simple; commitment precedes vision”19

We gathered from the above narration that in leadership:

i.    We must learn to love, to cherish, value and hold in high esteem our visions.
ii.    Vision is the seed of our destinies.
iii.    Is the complete picture of our highest desired achievement in life – it’s crystal.
iv.    Visions vary in terms of it conception – meaning; some may start early or very fast, while some: slow and steady.
v.    We must be courageous enough to separate between what vision is and what it’s not – very important!
vi.    We must understand that not all dreams are vision.
vii.    People waste time and resources pursuing what is not vision – fruitlessness!
viii.    Vision is the spirit of leadership.
ix.    In leadership, what gives you focus and determination is vision – don’t ignore it.
x.    Preparation is the mother of vision conception. Don’t underrate this.
xi.    It is possible to kill a vision.
xii.    Vision can be pre-matured, without the inspiration of the Holy Ghost.
xiii.    Elohim – God, has the ultimate power and determines who is fit to receive a vision. Trust is one thing He desires.
xiv.    Until you are able to earn God’s confidence, you cannot be called or used by Him. Remember? “How could vision be given to someone to harbor if that person could not be trusted to carry it out!”
xv.    Finally, commitment is the back-bone of vision and the power to accomplish it.
Please, carefully pay attention to what I’m about to say:
“Come to my heart only if you can earn my trust, and has the commitment to stand for what you know”
Please do yourself a favour, do all you can to earn God’s trust. Proceed further to earn your present leader’s trust. Don’t stop there, do all you can to earn your spouse’s trust; it is a worthy course. No trust, no life, no fulfillment, all is shadow without trust. I’d like to suggest that you get my book on: “Tested to be Trusted”.
*Mention all the Biblical character and leaders you know, that were not trusted by God; why? What happened?

“The Power and The Back-Bone of Vision”
You cannot be committed to what you don’t know. So, what do you know as far as your vision in life is concern?
And how much do you really know?
Let me tell you a grand story about a particular missionary. It happens many years ago; a missionary met a group of some young people in the Philippines who were thinking about joining the Maoist rebels.
One day, the missionary asked the group’s leader what he found so attractive in Maoism that could not be experienced in the Christian faith (faith in Christ), I added. The young man’s answer was profound and yet devastating. He explained;
“Maoism provides us …. With four essential things:
1.    A unified and coherent view of the world, history, and reality.
2.    A definite goal to work for, live for, and die for.
3.    A call to all people for a common fraternity, and
4.    A sense of commitment and a mission to spread the news that
        there is hope for the hopeless.
The young leader continues by saying:
“The fact is …. That the Christian faith in all of its beauty seems to be unable to provide us with such a vision”

In effort to discover more facts, I came across a comment written by Darrow Miller, Bob Mottitt and Scott Allen. Here:
“In sadness and frustration, the missionary watched these young and idealistic people get caught up in destructive ideology that captured their zeal”
Commitment is birthed through zeal; the only vehicle that transports your commitment to its right destination is zeal. Zeal is a fire and passion for living. Imagine a life or an endeavor void of commitment. Leadership without commitment is like a car that has no engine.
“Commitment brings consecration”
Sometimes you may not even know how good you really are, until you commit to something – a worthy course.

Commitment is a path that every successful person had trodden. They all had gone through those painful, disappointing, betraying, lonely, and seemingly ‘hopeless’ roads in their lives. There has never risen a man who progressed in life without commitment – the grand ingredients. Here is an assignment for you:
i.    What challenges can you draw from the story of those young rebels who would have served Christ but choose something else and why?
ii.    Discuss the consequences of weak commitment to what we claim to believe in.
iii.    Draw from the book of Ruth – in details, extract all qualities and power buried in staying committed to something or someone.
iv.    What other basics and concept of leadership do you know that is not mentioned in this book? Please discuss further.
The concept of leadership is one of the most confusing, controversial, and highly misunderstood teachings even in our ‘religious’ books.
Some have lunched violent revolutions in the name of leadership or impacting people via the same issue. Others have advocated elaborate schemes of social engineering and wealth redistribution in the name of leading and establish ‘Christian’ leadership. The sad side of the story is that we have a line-up of very lazy followers! They simply ignore the concept associating it with ‘spirituality’ or denominationalism, and some with Christian sects that seem or that may seem theologically heretical; and it doesn’t seem to border them!
In the same vein, some see it as fancy and something wonderful. They think of it as a place of rest once they’re appointed or nominated or selected or elected into a particular post.
I’d like to advise here that you try to get one of my books titled: “The Mantle and the Title”. It will surely open your eyes to what position had done to many of our heroes past.
We must of a necessity come to a point where we’ll clearly know and truly realize that; leadership is responsibility, if only you’d understand what that means! In my little years of experiencing and understanding what it means to lead, I’ve been very much ‘afraid’ of titles and positions; they suddenly  became too heavy for me; very heavy for my little head!
Moses was so committed to the leadership mandate given to him by the Almighty that even his own life was nothing to him. The people he was called to lead, was what matters to him. The Creator, who had given him the responsibility, was his standard. He never majors on the minors; and could not allow the minors subdue the majors! What a man he was! He knew what leadership was all about.
*discuss in details and elaborate the leadership qualifies we see in the life and ministry of Moses.

“Laying the Building Blocks for the Life and of Life”
Certain numbers were once displayed in one of our leadership classes, at the Institute, (DLI), and the ‘to be leaders’ were asked, which of these figures is the most important?
See the figures:
99, 45, 57, 89, 989, 11, 38, 1, 25, and 1000
Now, guess what?
Right, nobody seems to recognize the most important figure (which is what?) and their eyes were cast on:
 989, 1000, 99… etc!
When I later announced the answer to be figure 1! It was then that I discovered that none of them even saw that number. Do you know why? Simple, they all “thought” that I was asking for the ‘biggest’ number. But that was not the question! Their minds were on the biggest, largest, greatest, you can name it. We’re being deceived today the outward appearances and you know what? It always tends to cloud our sense of judgment! Creator will have to help us!
The ABC of leadership is what we mostly not neglect and tag it:
“It doesn’t matter”.
Can any child start school, if he or she cannot prove his ability to recite or do the ABC at home? Have you seen any school admitting pupils who can’t even count numbers 1 – 10?
You may think otherwise, but let me you tell that it’s only in day care that normally occurs – it’s normal there!

Primary School, No!
You must possess the basics before you’re counted worthy to join. Primary one! There are no basics or requirement in the world of ‘play class’ or ‘day care’. No! Even the nursery schools of today, they now require any child to have the basics! Tell me, and please be honest about this okay? How can a Youngman who does not even know how to greet his elders be appointed over an office in a society, or in the community. Who will even dare vote for him?
*find out how important a base is to structural or civil engineering. Relate it to leadership foundation from the scriptural point of view. How have we (believers) neglected this?

This man had never known the Creator, yet he possessed the basic quality needed to be called a leader. He lead himself, and his family (immediate wife) and he lead others. Jehovah called Abram (not Abraham now) to leave his biological father’s home to a land or to a place he never knew and was not pre-informed. That was the first and basic test he had!
This man (Abram) never assumes the mantle of leadership out of the blues. He was first tested. He knew what he was doing. He believed in the ‘Person’ that called him from his father’s land to neither a place that had never been introduced to nor any of his relatives.
What interests me is that Elohim never sweet-talked him into taking this long journey to the ‘unknown’ destination.
There was no address, no intermediary, no third-party, no signed contract, no guide, no known face, etc. nothing whatsoever to point to his great destination. But what did he do?

Take it or leave it, the Almighty cannot, has not, and will not use or partner with a disobedient person. However connected you are. To whomever you liaise within the ministry, once obedience vacates your heart, count Jehovah out of the equation. And once He is out, you can tell the rest of the story, can’t you?
Please pay attention to this; whoever you find yourself under (may be serving under a general overseer or the likes), must of a necessity able to testify to the quality of your obedience. If that is not done, please don’t border to put on the shoes of leadership. Because it will be simply disastrous!
You must learn to obey. It is a must! We can’t as matter of fact overemphasize the subject of obedience, no! Abram – as matter of possibility was an obedient person, even in his father’s house, during the era of Idol worship or territorial district.
*discuss this as a possible outcome of his lifestyle. Do you think Abram could have married his half sister, if he was an irresponsible and disobedient child to his parent?
Site example from your past experiences!
Obedience brings a blessing, it never fails, it always hopes. I know this as matter of experience in the ministry; just daring to step out upon the promises of Yahshua Messiah, your life will never know sorrow, even in trying times the quality of your lifestyle will be different. Blessings will definitely be yours. I guarantee this; it never fails to bring the blessings down.

“Integrity is so powerful that it changes your identity progressively and with great impact for life. Don’t toy with it”
What I have on my mind as regard this subject of integrity cannot be exhausted on pages, gratitude to this man, who succinctly puts it this way:
“The supreme quality for leadership is unquestionable integrity. Without it, no real success is possible; no matter what; whether it is in an organization, a church, or ministry (I added); a foot ball field, in the army, or in an office”
Some among several other qualities of leadership, integrity seems to soar above the rest. How unwise for anyone to over look such quality.
Anything of a supreme value, a leader seeks after such. I believe you are wise. Let me even ask you this:
How can one live a life void of integrity, and how high does he hope to go?
Do you think too much talk on this subject will suffice?
Well, I’ll do my best to bring it close, and you’d better appreciate this.
Without integrity in leadership, you will look like a religious bigoted ostrich, which buries his head in the sand, thinking it had escaped from the enemy while rump was outside for the world to see.
George Washington once said:
“Associate yourself with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation (integrity, I add), for it is better to be alone than bad company”
Lot associated himself with Abram, and that brought a great deliverance in his life. The Abram you knew became Abraham because he was able to maintain his integrity in the family and to Him who had called him out of darkness into His marvelous light (the life giving light).
The sustained integrity of Abraham (not Abram now) leads Jehovah-GOD to call him “friend”. Yahshua Messiah, did the same when He told his disciples that He no longer call them disciples but ‘friends’.
Integrity is so powerful that it changes your identity progressively. Don’t toy with it.

I got this from the writings of great Charles Jones; this is what he said, and I went to relate it to the statement I made about Abraham’s integrity and how it positively affected the life and the destiny of his nephew – Lot.
He said and I quote:
“You are the same today that you are going to be five years from now, Except for two things: I. The kind of people with whom you associate with. And II. The kinds of books you read”
Listen, men of integrity will never lead you to the land of repose and regret! You will always stand out when you live and emulate the lifestyle of the men and women of integrity; especially those you desire to encounter day-after-day in this side of eternity.
Abraham had a background – his family life. Many believers over look this fact, until they hit a great rock and bounce back to regret in painful tears. I hope this will not be your lot; but you’ll have to stand and stand upright in your ministry. Please do allow me, I want to talk more and more on this subject of integrity as it connects to our family lives and the potentials – leadership potentials that are buried deep down the rubbles of our daily character and lifestyle. I like what Thomas Fuller revealed about others liking you, here:
“Be a friend to thyself and others will be so too”

The question and the truth is that; how many people are really friends to themselves? When you do ‘things’ that will mar your reputation and reduce your prestige; how are you a friend to yourself? When you criticize and mock others baselessly, what good are you doing to your own self. Let’s stick to the golden rule.
*ask yourself the matter and the subject of the golden rule, what is it and how does it relate to leadership?
Mike Murdock: remarked, when comparing integrity with a man’s product. Here is what he revealed:
“your integrity will always be remembered longer than your product”
I think I love this, you think the same? He also went on to tell us two kinds of people that we’ll always encounter in our daily living.
Two kinds of people in your life; there are in everybody’s life:
i.    Those who already know that you have something they need, and
ii.    Those who do not yet know you have something they need”

Only men of integrity will see and agree to the first. But you need to be wise.
Anon said:
“Integrity cannot be proved, it must be discerned”

People of integrity don’t have a point to prove. I often hear people saying things like: ‘I’ll prove to him what kind or stuff I’m made of’
If you are truly a person of integrity then that is needless; don’t try to prove anything. If you have to prove it, then it’s not actually there!
If there is anything more exciting than integrity in the world of leadership, it is letting your life, and helping others discover for themselves the path of integrity.

Revelation, in any field of life, distinguishes us from the crowd even ideas that seem to be common, once you have a revelation of that thing you become unique in that area. Hope you get my point here, right? I have something to say as regards this powerful and most important ingredient in the leadership arena.

Integrity: is moral soundness, completeness, a person who’s blameless and without fault – faultless.
To the rest of you that don’t understand the above very clearly; please listen carefully:
If you find yourself in a state whereby what pains others pains you, and you can’t just afford to allow or let that uncomfortable ‘thing’ happen to them; even if it will cause, a little inconvenience and you really know and you’re ready to let people go free or take away the pains off them; having a sense of complete, sound morality and unselfishness in your approach, then you’re the man!

Now let’s go a little deeper here. From the Hebrew Root-word; there are actually four words in the Hebrew term that reveals the same meaning and it all relates to the term integrity:
i.    tom – complete.
ii.    tummah – complete or whole.
iii.    tam – complete.
iv.    tamim – whole.
Now, according to insight on the scriptures: the Hebrew terms relating to integrity (above), have the root meaning of that which is “complete” or “whole”.
Tamim, is used several times to refer to physical completeness, or soundness, and freedom from impairment; for example, regarding sacrificial animals. But more frequently these terms describe moral soundness or blamelessness”13
Now, how does this relate to GOD Almighty? I always like to ask this question.
“When applied to Elohim, tamim may properly be translated ‘perfect’ as in describing Elohim’s activity and works, His way, knowledge and His law – they are just perfect.
All these divine qualities and expressions manifests such unmatchable completeness and fullness, are so sound and free from defect, or fault that they clearly identify their source as the one true God”13.

Why talk too much on integrity and leaving the subject of leadership aside? Does it sound like a question you’d like to ask now? I really can’t write down all I have to say on leadership in this one book. Just want to coordinate myself and put down that, which will not be too cumbersome or ambiguous.
Tom: this Hebrew term simply conveys the idea of honest motives, innocence as to wrong intention. But generally also reveals or rather the term describe unswerving devotion to righteousness.
Biblical usage and examples emphasize an unbreakable devotion to somebody or someone – a person who deserves such magnitude of respect and with a deep sense of loyalty. In this case Elohim God, and to His expressed will and purpose as the course of vital importance13.

“Unlocking the Power Of True Leaders”
To unlock that power in you, towards leadership; you must understand one thing; the core value for leadership integrity.
The matter and subject of leadership integrity had spanned through the space of time. It has out-lived everything on earth and everyone, hence my vehemence in conveying this timeless reality. The first human-pair, were doubtless given this mandate to exhibit in their devotion to Elohim and to each other. The Garden of Eden was first home; the first human family as far Jehovah’s design and intensions for humanity was concerned. But what happened? The restriction regarding the tree of the knowledge of good and evil put to the test their devotion to the eternal creation. Under the pressure of outside influence from God’s Adversary and his appeal to selfishness, they gave way to disobedience.
There were so much evidences pointing to their lack of integrity. Let summarize it this way14.
i.    Their shame – why hid themselves if all was well and no wrong was done!
ii.    Their reluctance to face their Creator – there was excitement as in the past to fellowship and share together – something was wrong. Integrity was missing.
iii.    Their lack of candor in responding to His questions – shifting of blames and excuses. Whenever integrity is lacking. Something else replaces it. They broke it!
So we can establish from here that all these pointers gave evidence of their lack of integrity14. I have so much to talk about here.

Integrity is far much greater and more serious than what our religious books and preaching portrays. Even in the spiritual realms. It is the basics for hierarchy and height attainment. Obviously, however, they (first human pair) were not the first to break integrity since the spirit creature who led them into a rebellious course had already done so13.
The Result?
Definitely there was a dirge pronounced against him – Satan; it was something comparable to the dirge spoken against the king of Tyre15.
There was a visible initiation in Eden, the spirit of rebellion; Satan made sure he piloted that course, and ensured that it was executed to the letter. Unfortunately it happened!
And The Outcome?
The resultant effect of that rebellion produced an issue of universal importance – that of the rightfulness of God’s sovereignty over all His creatures, His right to require full obedience of them. In a nutshell, it brought out a conflagrated disobedience and lawlessness among humanity. I cannot quantify this, no matter how hard I try to. The extend of this disobedience has ruined the entire universe; producing unequal and unparallel consequences. The Creator was greatly offended and still is.

Well, someone may like to ask me what it was all about; power or morality; and what would be it solution? Well, I don’t really have much answer to this, but I have something to say and if you’d believe me, this is what I think:
Now listen, since the issue was not one of superiority of power but rather was a moral issue, it could not be settled merely by the exercise of power as by Elohim’s immediately crushing Satan and the human pair out of existence, because it would have proved the former. But because the principles of morality (as far as leadership is concerned); must be applied here, since Elohim could have introduced a deep sense of power tussle, which will not be appropriate in His sight and the consequences would be devastating than it has been.
I have to draw these external truth (or fact if you so wish to call it) in order to help you understand and know why wickedness and its author, Satan have been allowed to continue for such a long period of time on the face of this planet.
Since the Lord’s adversary first drew up on humans for support and endorsement of his rebellious course; meaning that the earliest evidence for any siding with Satan on the part of spirit sons of God not appearing until sometime prior to the flood16.
It is clearly pointed out and we know that when men began increase tremendously upon the earth and daughters were born, that sons of God saw that the daughters of men were fair, attractive and become desirous of what is human – humanity began to control, or attract divinity. What an irony!
That made the question of man’s integrity to the Creator’s sovereign will, an essential part of the overall issue – even though Elohim’s supremacy is not in itself dependent on the integrity of His creatures.
I will prove this point to you soon as I conclude this subject matter from the case of Job. A person who was, (in my own perception, integrity personified). Follow me carefully as I bring to you this unique species of human being. A man of unequal faithfulness, and humility of spirit; he lived a life that was, and still is worthy of emulation!

‘Tam’ – was the Hebrew term used in the Scriptures to describe or in describing the quality life style of integrity concerning Job – proved to be blameless and upright and fearing God and turning aside from all evil16.
The man who reverently feared His God and abstained from and shunned all forms of evil, because it was wrong! It was this man’s integrity, that human integrity that forms the bases of the issue between Elohim and Satan.
There was an angelic assembly in the court of Heaven and one man’s integrity caused a diversion of subject. GOD began to question the intruder – who imputed false motives to Job’s devotion to Elohim, at his appearance in the assembly, (remember he was not invited!), alleging to the fact that Job served not out of pure devotion but for selfish benefits. That was the voice of the accuser.
Did He (GOD), argue or tried hard to prove the adversary wrong at all costs? No! Job’s integrity spoke for him. Well, even though he succeeded in placing in question Job’s integrity to the Creator. That brought a great and devastating trial of all times. Permitted, (mark this word), to divest Job of his possessions and even of his children, Satan failed to crack Job’s integrity. The accuser proceeded to lay claims that Job was selfishly willing to endure the loss of possessions and children as long as he could save his skin17.
The trial continued and progressed more grievous. Because thereafter he was stricken with a painful, consuming disease and to dissuasion from his own wife as well as to disparaging criticism and slurs from his own ‘trusted’ companions who misrepresented God’s standards and purposes, Job’s response to his friends disappointed the enemy, and imputed righteousness to his complete worship and devotion to his Maker – who actually deserves it.
On earth with sons of men, if your own integrity cannot cause a shaking (of any kind) you’re yet to touch lives.
The accounts of integrity and quality lifestyle in leadership, as we see all over the scriptures were not written for fancy story-telling, but as an enviable quality to grasp and live the pattern of life for others to emulate and follow.
Please listen to me at this point; if you don’t have a quality lifestyle that is worth emulating, why do you then desire to lead?

Anywhere in life you find yourself doing or achieving something, someone, somehow had paid a price for it. What price have you paid in this life to make things easier for others? What makes the world in which we are to change is the quality lifestyle of leadership others have laid in the past. There are many clergies today, that could amount to something great in the near future but without our input to take them and mould them to God’s desired taste, many of them will live and die unfulfilled and without making any positive impact in our world.
“Where there is no vision (leadership) the people perish; but he that keepeth the law, happy is he! Remember that?
Your happiness is tied to the keeping of God’s instructions and integrity is the key. The significance of integrity in leadership is enormous; take Job for example, him maintaining integrity greatly demonstrated that Satan – God’s Adversary was a liar. May your life bring glory to the name of the Lord!
Satan’s challenging statements in Job’s case show that he held the position that all persons could be drawn away from Jehovah’s side, that none served out of a purely unselfish motive.
Therefore, we see here that humans; (as well as the spirit sons of God aforementioned), has the remarkable privilege of contributing to the vindication and sanctification of His name and demonstrating their support of Elohim’s supremacy. In doing so by a course of integrity in their various leadership positions here on earth. Being “blameless” in your ways only brings greater glory to the name of the Lord; won’t you desire that?
Just look at this:
“those who are willfully contrary in their hearts are extremely disgusting and shamefully Ville in the eyes of the Lord, but such as are blameless and whole hearted in their ways are (God’s) His delight”20
How beautiful to walk in the steps of the savior – bringing glory and honor to His name. This is my desire. I long to live for this and for this alone – oh how I long to! To God I would die and only desire this!

Integrity has formed the basis for judgment; having a favorable judgment from God is dependent on the quality of our integrity – keeping course and advancing His course.
There lived a king who believed strongly on this quality and advanced this course, here is what he wrote:
“the Lord judges the people; judge me, O Lord and do me justice according to my righteousness – my rightness, justice, and right standing with you; and according to the integrity that is in me … but establish the uncompromisingly righteous – those upright and in harmony with you; for you, who try the hearts and emotions and thinking powers, are a righteous God”20

Later during his trials, the suffering Job expressed the confidence that, Elohim will weigh him in accurate or just balance (scales) and the He will get to know his integrity”20.
What a life!
He desires that his Creator should assess his integrity. Can any of our leaders today, be able to do the same?

In its real sense, I mean, in the literal sense of human imperfections, how or what does integrity keeping include in the case of imperfect humans – what I mean here is this; can ‘man’ be perfect? Well, what do you think about this?
Here, is my response to your heart-searching question, if really you’re concerned to know:
Since all men are imperfect and unable to measure up perfectly to God’s standards, it is obvious that our (you and me as mortals) integrity does not mean ‘perfection’ of action or of speech. Rather, the scripture shows that it actually means wholeness or completeness of heart devotion to the Almighty. This is what it actually means;
It is possible that your heart thinks and plans righteous and godly thoughts but circumstances of life could not allow you to execute those righteous thoughts or plans. In the sight of God, it’s as good as done!
Example; the great King David of Israel, through weakness, committed several serious wrongs, but he nevertheless walked with integrity of heart and God testified to that effect, confirming it by calling David; ‘A man after my heart’. Was he, in the sight of Uriah, if he (Uriah) was alive when Bathsheba gave birth to a son?
Listen up my dear reader; as ‘dirty’ as you may think David was, he received GOD’s approval of righteousness and quality integrity. What else can anyone say about that!
When the Almighty confirms the integrity of a man, what have you to say in effect?
So, first and foremost integrity is in the sight of God and not from a man’s point of view or perception. Hope you know what this means by implication! But why should God justify David of all his several serious wrongs? Do I hear you say that?
Eh, eh wait a minute, we’re dealing with a righteous Jehovah here, understand? For the benefit of the doubt, look at this:
“David, in his own heart and mind, is always open to correction, in fact; he accepted reproof and corrected his way. He thereby proved that his heart still retained genuine love for the Lord God. This was also revealed in his admonition to Solomon (whose mother was former Mrs. Uriah) his successor:
“know the God of your father and serve him with a complete heart and with a delightful soul, (he gave him a reason for that), for all hearts Elohim is searching and every inclination of the thoughts he is discerning. Solomon’s heart, however, did not prove to be complete with the Lord his God like the heart of David his father”21
Again, integrity therefore, is not restricted to any one aspect of human conduct; it does not apply just to matters of ‘religion’.
If we think that way, we limit and water down the concept of integrity in the Biblical perspectives. For true servants of God (leaders), it is a way of life in which the individual ‘walks’ and constantly seeking to know more of God’s will and desires – constantly! Note that, please.
Leadership quality in life of the great shepherd of Israel was:  “according to the integrity of his heart”
    Not yours and definitely not mine. So, can you as a leader boast of the integrity of your own heart in the sight of God; both in matters relating to your devotions and the civic responsibilities?
    What about your conducts as regard governmental affairs?
    Are they in-line with the integrity of your heart or of your mouth?
David’s desire for leadership integrity extended to those around him, and those acting as his ministers likewise he really desired them to be persons of integrity ‘walking in a faultless way’.

“Understanding Times and Seasons of the Nations of the Earth”
Time, on earth, is the litmus test for anything. We always start things right but don’t allow time to prove us right. That has been our greatest challenge! One can prove him/herself faultless before God over a period of time. Time is a factor, a serious one at that. We must as a matter of quality life in our leadership pursuit, be able to utilize time and know how paramount it is to the limited period we’re given here on earth – sure you believe we’re given. One serious example – a man who lived to prove this point was Noah.
“What burdens my heart is that we always start things right but don’t allow time to prove us right”
Integrity requires uncompromising loyalty to Elohim-God and adherence to righteousness not merely under favorable conditions or circumstances; but in all conditions and at all times. Speaking the truth in our hearts, that may not be easy, but it’s attainable – be an integrity-keeper!
I challenge you today. Let us make a dedicated decision to turn away from personal interests and go after what is right and acceptable in the sight of God.

I have made a promise to tell you what is right; a time of test is coming! Your integrity will be tried! Sure enough, it will be tried. Believe me on this one: integrity is most evident when the individual’s devotion is under test and he is pressured to abandon his righteous course.
Some of your accusers may be a close friend, or family members or a partner; yours may be the ones that will make you a laughing stock or make the object of their better speech, hatred, and may be violent persecution. Whether in sickness (like Job) or in distressful adversity, a person must hold fast to his integrity as did Job; no matter the cost.
“…that there is none like him on earth; a blameless and upright man, one who reverently fears God and abstains from and shuns all evil because it is wrong? And still holds fast his integrity, although you moved me against him to destroy him without cause”22

Listen to me my dear reader:
“I have made a promise to tell you what is right in this book; a time of test is coming! Your integrity will be tried! Sure enough, it will be tested in order to be trusted”

Observe the statement above; see that? Satan ‘moved’ Elohim against this man to destroy him, take away his integrity and kill his mortal body. No wonder Job’s wife pressured him to succumb to this fabulous fakes! Question:
How possible is it to keep my integrity in this present world, where corruption and lawlessness have infiltrated every segment of our society?
Did I hear you say this in your heart?
An integrity-keeping course is a possibility. It’s not by power nor by might, nor by your individual moral strength, but only through a deep faith and trust in the Lord’s saving grace. He had promised he’ll never fail us; He’s our shield and our stronghold, guarding the way of those walking in integrity. Whose constant concerns for gaining Elohim’s approval brings stability to their lives, enabling them to follow a straight course to their goal.
Like I’ve said before, and of course Job confirms it when he perplexedly observed, the blameless may suffer because of the rule of the wicked and may cause you your very life at times. But Elohim had assured us that He’ll never leave us nor forsake us. Yahshua Messiah gave the same assurance. He’s aware of the life of the faultless servants and guarantees that such person’s inheritance will continue, and a peaceful future and that he’ll come into the possession of good. These promises are the entire Bible stand. Integrity pays; it pays to be a leader with integrity, posterity will not forgive us, if we falter and fall because of peanuts, to abandon our integrity, it brings insults to the name of the Lord God! Integrity is the basis for leadership even in the (21st) twenty-first century ‘Christianity’.
Integrity is a possibility even in the face of difficulty and trying times in this very life. Tell yourself, your spouse, and your family that it’s possible to lead God’s people with a deep sense of integrity and maintain your prestige. It’s a possibility!

I’ve got a lot to tell you on this issue; but time. Yes! Time will surely fail me, if I will talk about all the basics of leadership integrity and the concepts thereof (leadership) in our present generation; time will not permit to do this. We trust that He will open your eyes in the realm of the super-natural to understand this deeply and to appreciate this virtue of righteousness and faithful, fruitful living.

Yahshua Messiah’s driving force to lead the nation Israel to God’s definite plan of salvation was compassion. In several instances all over the scriptures, we saw how He was moved by compassion, and many were saved, delivered, fed with food, freed and even some rose back to life. Those condemned to die were set loosed; when He saw the crowd scattered as sheep without a shepherd, compassion steps in. Christ was and is the perfection of compassion.
Can you allow your heart to be used by the Lord to deliver the parcel of compassion to the nations of the earth and to your followers?

Many people run away from opportunities just because it appears as a man in overall – responsibility.
“Responsibility had never killed anyone on earth only the fearful runs away from it and fall into their graves, and are consumed by their fears of the unknown”

Opportunities always comes to us in disguise, when you refuse certain responsibilities, you deny yourself some privileges in life. All the prophets and men of God had a job description; they know exactly how and what Elohim called them to do. Many did it and died the death of the righteous. This is what I really desire to experience; the death of the righteous!

“All things are connected. Whatever befalls the earth befalls the sons of the earth. Man did not weave the web of life. He is merely a stand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself”
- Chief Seattle.
If only we all can learn to be responsible, life becomes exciting. Because:
“Nothing great has been achieved except by those who dared to believe something inside them was superior to circumstances”;
Said; Bruse Barton.
Now another man by the name of Tuscarora once said:
“Man has responsibility and not power”
The reason is simple according to, Philip Larkin;
“Life has a practice of living you, if you don’t live it”

That’s possible through taking responsibilities. Stand for what you know, believe it, practice, and be responsible for your actions.
“Never regret what you allow, and never allow what you will eventually regret; when responsibility calls stay close to the desk and pick up the phone and be a man!”

There is something buried far away in the graveyard of existence, that only the courageous dares seeks to find where it’s been buried, with all readiness to dig it out. A key to unlocking success in life. Someone of great reputation helped me to paint it clearly in our hearts in this way:
“I believe that to meet the challenges of our times, human beings will have to develop, a greater sense of universal responsibility. Each of us must learn to work not just for oneself, one’s own family or nation, but for the benefit of all human kind”
Universal responsibility is the key to human survival. It is the best foundation for world peace … He then added in this form:
“Responsibility does not only lie with the leaders of our countries or with those who have been appointed or elected to do a particular job. It lies with each of us individually. Peace for example, starts within each one of us. When we have inner peace, we can be at peace with those around us”23
Real and true test of maturity is buried deep inside responsibility. Leaders must know, live, and practice this. Read my lips:
“Never regret what you allow, and never allow what you will eventually regret; when responsibility calls stay close to the desk and pick up the phone and be a man!”

The Mother of them all! Character is the basis for any height in life you can attain. Without this, the chapter of your life and achievements is closed. The only thing that remain with you even after death; it is the one ‘thing’ that will follow you to the grave; that is Character! Never toy with that; ‘One’ thing. It can make and mess you around. So be wise, be careful and watch. Character!
Hard work and dedication may lift you up, but character will definite sustain you there, or it’ll bring you down. This is very serious. The true definition of a leader – any leader at all is his character. One of the Haitian proverbs said:
“When the character of a man is not clear to you, look at his friends”

This is a hard job, because not only one friend will you be studying but friends.  Whatever level you attain in this life, it will be determined by the quality of your character. You are where you are today, because of the way (character) you are.
There was something Muhammad Ali said, that may not obviously portrays character, but as I read it over and over again; it tells a lot about character of a person – in fact anyone. He said:
“The man who views the world at fifty the same way he did at twenty has wasted thirty years of his entire life”

That is very true to a large extend; because character controls and forms everything – even poverty is the function of your mind-set that relates to your character; little wander Akin Olowookere said:
“Poverty of character, is the mother of (all) poverty”

A leader is tested when he fails or done some wrongs. Your character or attitudes towards your mistakes speaks volume about you and your level of maturity. Leadership is character, my friend. That is the basics, it’s the concept. I strongly agree with Dennis Fisher, when he said:
“a good test of a person’s character is his behavior when he is wrong”

Africa, has been destroyed today and brought to naught, not because we have bad leaders only, but for the fact that the character of the white-men in laying the foundations of all African nations were simply wicked and inhuman.
They came, they saw, they discern, and they set up, destroyed it and left. That was what the white-man did to us. I know that many religious bodies will like this; but the truth must be told and it starts now. How can a Whiteman be ‘wicked’, ‘inhuman’, and so on? Let me prove it to you in this manner.

“The white
man is very clever.
He came quietly and
peaceably with his religion.
We were amused at his foolishness
and allowed him to stay. Now he has won
our brothers, and our clan can no longer act like one.
He has put a knife on the things that held us together and we
have fallen apart”24

The character and the attitudes of the white towards Africa, and Africans had caused us unspeakable pains and complete regrets. At this juncture I’d like to recommend a book written by Dr. Vishal Mangalwadi: “The Book That Made Your World”.

Attitude In Leadership
Hear me sir; more closely related to character, and yet having fine-turning in the lives of men; is ‘attitude’!
During my undergraduate years in school, in my psychology class lectures, I was given this topic to treat as a class presentation assignment: “Attitude” as a paper to be presented in the class, and I was also given a time frame for my presentation.
As a smart student that I’d always been, and still love to be; after I’ve done all I needed to do, but seem not to have done much; I came up with an idea, to summarize all human endeavors and pattern of living into a capsulated form, and rounded it up with some dictionary definitions, then made some few comments, and that was it. The whole presentation turned out to be successful, because my lecturer was impressed. But something else happened.
When the whole class was asked to assess my presentation, a trouble was introduced! A course mate of mine who felt I got more approval than him, got up and here is what he said:
“Sir, his presentation was a total mess; he only displayed some kind of confidence, and the whole ‘thing’ appears as if he’s done a good job, sir me I’m not satisfied with his work, no…” – he actually meant the attitude I displayed during my presentation.
Somehow the whole class laughed; and of course I laughed too, but then, softly and wisely appreciated his criticism, meanwhile dissolving his “total mess” disapproval of me or something. Well, when my lecturer came up to make his comments here was his conclusion, he said:
“… It’s not paper works that matter most, but the attitude displayed that makes even the “total mess” can be accepted; I do not only consider your academic points, but your attitude and manner of presentation”. So, out of 5, I got a 4!
Here is what I really want to get across to you. Right attitude can reform even nonsense, into a sense; making it acceptable. A good wife can present food to her husband that has a defect from the kitchen and the man will eat it with all pleasure and if you reverse the scenario, you will get something else.
Our attitude to life matters a lot. As I was researching for my paper presentation, I came across this by an unknown. It’s about attitude!

“The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude on life. Attitude, to me, is more important than the past, than education, than money, than circumstances, than failures, than successes, than what other people think or say or do. It is more important than appearance, giftedness, or skills.
It will make or break a company… a church… a home. The remarkable thing is that we have a choice every day regarding the attitude we will embrace for that day. We cannot change the inevitable. The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have; and that is our attitude… I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it. And so it is with you …. We are in charge of our attitudes”
We really don’t have excuses to what we do in life, because our attitude does them.
Zig Ziglar, once said:
“Your attitude determines your altitude, as you cannot go higher than you think you can. He added: the way you see yourself will affect your performance today”

Attitudes kills faster and quicker, than Ebola disease. You are the murderer of you, if your attitudes shot you to the negative side of life. Attitudes changes and reforms a man even in the face of difficulties. Please do listen to me here; Attitude is everything, and everything is about Attitude!
I have seen an evil in a home; how a wife destroys her loving husband via her attitude. I have seen a man who desired to have been dead, than witness the continuous attitude of the woman he married.
I have witnessed homes destroyed; dreams and visions shattered because of wrong attitudes to the issues of life.

To the good or the bad, you pilot the affairs of your life and enjoy the results thereof. Life of leadership with good attitude is sweeter than your mind can imagine; its greater and higher than your thoughts can fathom. Life itself is not complete without a positive attitude. Why not enjoy that and live a fulfilled life?
Chain? How? Reaction? To what?
“Our lives are not determined by what happens to us but by how we react to what happened, not by what life brings to us, but by the attitude we bring to life. A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events, and it outcomes. It is a catalyst, a spark that creates extra-ordinary results”
- Anon.

These are the thoughts of my heart, and this is what my mind can fathom on this subject of great concern:
“There is more to attitude than you can read in a book”

Hard work!

Leadership is about service, we all must come to a point in our lives where service to humanity defines the essence of our very existence, if not, we’ve failed, and would have failed hopelessly!
Some years ago, I was told a story of an old woman who lived in the suburbs of her beloved country side.
One evening, she heard some scratching and wining sound (noise) in her entrance door. Curious to find out what it really was she came to the main door, opened the door, lo and behold a wounded cat! Many thoughts surrounded her troubled mind. Finally, she decided on what she would do to the little visitor. Service!
But, then how?
Well, she took the cat in, dressed the wound and served her wounded friend food; after which she bid it goodbye! But something else happened, the next day. By her main entrance again, she heard another noise, this time around, the sound had increased. Wondering what will it be this time. Her fingers were trembling has she turned the bolt. What a surprise! You know what she saw?
The woman saw the same cat, but along with seven other wounded cats! And guess what the old-friend was at the fore front of the new friends. It was like:
“eh, woman, thanks, but I’m here with my fellow wounded friends; can you take them inn too, please!!? That was the look she saw in her old friend’s face or look.
People and humanity are always attracted to a place where service is held in high esteem. Men (mere, ordinary men) are fond of just talking, because talk is cheap; but service is a virtue. It is a hard work. Who is willing to serve?
Service is sacrifice. It takes a sacrificial heart to render service anywhere; I tell you this.

I got this one from some of the writings of Abraham Lincoln – the great American President, talking about service he went on to make (succinctly) a conclusion to the life of servitude:
“I desire so to conduct the affairs of this administration that if at the end when I come to lay down the reins of power, I have lost every other on earth, I shall at least have one friend left, and that friend shall be down inside me”

The simple truth to life is that, every man is known or will be known by the quality of his services rendered to humanity. Only be remembered by what we have done; a song writer said.

Do you truly desire to always have a successful day in your vain life here on earth? Here is one wisdom given to us by Alex Noble. All in the name of service – service to humanity. He said:
“If I have been of service, if I have glimpsed more of the nature and essence of ultimate good, if I am inspired to reach wider horizons of thought and action, if I am at peace with myself, it has been a successful day”

Many of you must have heard this; but let me bring something a little more different from what you’ve heard or may be read. It’s a wise counsel from Arthur Dobrin, and this is what he said:
“Do no harm to the earth, she is your mother. Being is more important than having. Never promote yourself at another’s expense. Hold life sacred; treat it with reverence. Allow each person the dignity of his or her labor (service)”

To serve others is wonderful. I have personally witnessed great opportunities brought to my door steps simply because I saw a gap somewhere, filled in and demanded no pay! I’ve shaken hands with men and women of honor in the society, not because I was qualified or connected but, because I simply rendered service.
My name had been mentioned in high places that later attracted criticism by other fellow “Men of God” because they “felt” I shouldn’t be or get there, I shouldn’t be “among”, you know what I mean don’t you. But service took me there! What they don’t realize is that I wasn’t even willing to get there, or working my way hard to be there. I was not expecting it. I simply served!
So, what did I do? Simply restricted myself to where or places I think is due at a moment and per time. Very important to integrity! And ignore the ones I think it’s not yet time. Sometimes, some would come saying something like; you were supposed to be there now, what happened? And so on. To some I would respond; ‘when the time is right, don’t worry’.
There is more to service than you’ve ever heard. Stick to servicing, make it real, and be proud you did after all.

You may be surprised (to some extend) to see that I’ve started talking about leadership proper now, right? Well. But that is my own approach to this great and most important topic of all times.
I have actually read many, books on the subject of leadership, and learned tremendously from them. The only books I’ve not read on leadership are the ones my eyes have not yet seen or my money couldn’t pay for it at that moment because I can sale even my car to buy books! I sure do!

“The Birth of A True Nation”
Having laid the basics, principles, concept and foundation upon which leadership should be built. I have these few things to say on the subject.

Many definitions can be seen on books, but let us bent over and try to see something a bit different here. Shall we?
“Does it seem but a small thing to you that the GOD of Israel has Separated you from the congregation of Israel, to bring you near to Himself to do Service of the tabernacle of the Lord and to Stand before the congregation to minister to them. And that He has brought you near to Him, and all your brethren the sons of Levi with you? Would you seek the priesthood also?”22

Another version said:
“Isn’t it enough for you that the GOD… to serve in the ministries of the dwelling of GOD… into His inner circle…”23
Leadership is a divine privilege. An awesome privilege given to the sons of men by the Almighty Jehovah.
Now look at this: Israel is a chosen nation, among all the nations of the earth. Among the chosen ones, Jehovah now decided to chose from the chosen! Can you see something here? Just imagine how it feels to be chosen among the chosen ones!
So, what do you see Leadership to be; what is it to you? Well Leadership is:
•    Separation.
•    Privilege call.
•    Intimacy.
•    Intimate fellowship.
•    Service.
•    Ministry itself.
•    Consecration.
•    Calling – a calling.

From the above scriptures we’ve seen what the Bible itself portrays what leadership is. Now what is the scope of this study?

1.    The Congregation of Israel (congregational scope).
Just imagine, you 500 students who sat for an examination, 20 were desired, and tagged ‘best’. Then it was later discovered that the country you were to be sent for studies requires only 5, and you are chosen or selected or separated among the said 5! How will you see yourself, and how will your community think of you? Now, that is leadership – awesome privilege, indeed!

2.    Administrational Scope
The Levites were chosen to administer to the children of Israel; they were dimmed fit to handle that job. Jehovah knew and determines the limit of their functionality and when something wrong happened, the temptation to exceed their limit became so obvious. Moses needed to remind them. Now on this reminding the Levites, he opened to us this great door of understanding to what leadership really is.
Under this ‘ministerial’ scope (administrations) we have seven keys to understanding leadership. Let me make it very clear to you here. The seven keys are only specific to the ministerial scope! So, once again, there are seven keys to understanding leadership under administrational or ministerial scope. Is that clear please?

Let us list them out (from the portion of the scripture we saw earlier). Let’s do the little work here, are you ready for this?

1.    Leaders are to be chosen or selected. That means among many - ‘has chosen you’. That means if you came out of nowhere and just desired a leadership position, you are going nowhere. A leader has to be selected, chosen by the people or by the God of the people. Do you understand?

2.    Leaders a separated; what does it mean to separate something or someone? Obviously, this means to be set aside, or to be consecrated for a special use. The call to leadership is a higher calling. I hope we all would appreciate this.
To separate or set aside is to sanctify or make it sacred – holy and by implication, sanctified object. Also from the meaning sanctification; and from what I’ve gathered, it is a process or an act of making something holy; that state of being purified.
“Sanctification draws attention to the action whereby holiness is produced, made manifest, or maintained. The words drawn from the Hebrew verb; ‘gadhash’: which is related to the Greek adjective ‘hagios’ are terms rendered ‘holy’, ‘sanctified’, ‘made sacred’ and ‘set apart’.26

Looking into the scriptures, one will constantly and repeatedly see the phrase or sentence where Moses is saying “sanctify yourselves…” In most cases when the LORD God will be performing a wonderful act among His people, He demands that the men should “set themselves apart”. I feel here that the Lord is calling you to sanctify yourself; you have to be separated from the prevalent wickedness, ignorance, lawlessness, abuse, corruption and falsehood, in order to lead the people of GOD.

3.    Leadership is Intimacy – drawn you near!
Closeness is what the Lord desires; draw nigh unto GOD and He’ll draw nigh unto you. If you’re not close to Him, you can’t know Him nor understand His ways, not to even talk about working for Him. How can you? Can you marry a lady you’ve never been close to; or never known?
I don’t know if you can lay hands on one of my books titled: ‘Intimacy With The Holy Ghost’; it’ll be will be of good help to you; please do check it out. There is also a book by Joyce Meyer, “Knowing God Intimately” she talked about being as close to Him as you want to be. If you can lay your hands on that book, I know it will help too. Thank you.
If the Lord draws you near to Himself, tell me what else do you want in this world? When a leader is into an intimate relationship with Jehovah, the following must happen:

•    Transformation of life.
•    New impartation and daily refreshment in the spirit.
•    Supernatural occurrences.
•    Release of the benefits of other realms.
•    Reflection of God’s glory.
•    God manifest presence.
•    Freedom from confusion and uncertainties of life’s issues.
•    Clarity of the divine order – you can never be stranded in life.
•    Uninterrupted supply and communion in the spirit.
•    Manifestations of divers gifts and talents.
•    Revelations into the mysteries of our God.
•    Divine information for reformation.
•    National transformation.
•    Personal development and growth.
I can go on and on and not be able to exhaust the benefits of being close to the Father. There is a treasure of God’s presence within us only by drawing close. We can tap into the untapped resource of the divine. Get close and stay close.
4.    Leadership is inner cuckoos – circle.
My discoveries led to something I’d like to share with you now. From the Greek root word ‘pandokheion’, literally reveals a sense of been ‘inn’ – a place where ‘all’ are received or taken in, the meaning later extended to mean ‘accommodation’.
I saw something on the explicit concordance of words and root meaning; (that’s my English please); it reveals that:
“In ancient Middle Eastern inns resembled those built in more recent times. These commonly consist of a walled square with only one entrance…”26
Hold on a minute, I will make it clear to you now. Those in leadership positions should be who had enjoyed ‘accommodation’ with God. This connotes ‘reception’ and ‘acceptance’. Remember your salvation experience, if you had had one before. Some who came to the LORD can recall. Just the way they were, they came to the Lord and He received them, with all their faults, guilt, and short comings. They have been accepted in the beloved.
Now in this inner circle! A walled square – signifies protection from the enemy outside; whatever it was that had pursued you, now you’re safe. Recall what Scriptures said? The name of the Lord is a strong tower, the righteous runs into it and he is safe. The name of Yahshua protects and preserves you from past issues. But listen you don’t run into the inn and get accommodated just like that; there are procedures you need to follow, there are forms you need fill. Have you done that? No? And you want to lead God’s people? Be serious please.
What are the procedures of checking into a hotel? Can you discuss?
5.    Leadership – requires stepping out; stand before the people or the congregation.

Hear me sir:
“A man that cannot stand up for something will doubtlessly fall for everything and just anything!”

What do you have in your hands that you can truly and fervently stand for, fight for, live for, and even die for? When you don’t have a vision, a goal – a set goal, no destination; then where are you really taking the people (your followers) to? Have you ever seen someone standing before people without a message, without a course?
GOD mandated them to stand before the congregation – that means He’s given them a message to deliver.
Leadership is not employment, but deployment.
Take it serious and your will take a new turn.
A movie I watched sometimes back; – seen this movie before? Theacius! Despite the fact that he was an ‘outcast’; yet was a strong, tactical, temperate, humble and selfless young man; he had a message for his people, but no one seems to understand that; to some extend he doesn’t even believe in the power, an awesome power from the gods that he carries; living with the ‘weak’, rejected, and less esteemed citizens. Oppression and subjection was all they experienced. Great King Eupherian demanded for a seer, in order to lay his hands on the weapon of unimaginable power; a bow! When the situation was getting out of hand he stepped out.

Though rejected and criticized by the same people he had lived with; he stood up to a course. In the process of time, he was accepted by his people; the warriors were afraid at a point, but he was their inspiration! He started to recount the cause of the living; the pride of their land and of the gods; he kept talking, and soon enough; his words began to pierce into the souls of those mortals. They took their stand and fought like the gods, and gained the victory; some of them were reckoned among the ‘gods’!

Here is the point:
He had something to offer his own people, (the very people that drew back at the sound of the enemies’ strike); and he did. History, romanced his name. He was remembered by his posterity. Listen to me here; there must be a cause for anything you desire to stand for. Why are you vying for that position; is it to amass wealth and make a name for yourself or to defend the cause of the poor, the oppressed and to free your society from the hands of the wicked?
Is that your goal really? To stand before the people is to have a dream!

One ‘Man’ had a dream, long time ago – allow me to take a little out of your time here. This man had a dream; he became one of the greatest leaders Africa has ever produced.
Zig Ziglar confirms his audacity to lead when he said:

“Having your dreams fulfilled is far more therapeutic than having them analyzed!

The truth is that there are bunch of people who call themselves leaders, but they’re those who don’t even know what they are really out for; what they actually stand for; it’s so pathetic and dis-heartening; because nothing is as real as a dream. Which they do not have! It can change the world around you, and yet it remains unchanged. Duties and responsibilities cannot erase dreams; your dreams are like skin of your body – that’s inerasable!
Ever seen a man with a dream? He’s a restless man; the dreams take him into uncharted territories. It runs ahead of him and like a prisoner he follows, to catch up, and live for that moment, and without regret. Just a moment gives him great satisfaction. I just remembered what Anatole France, concluded on the subject; dream!

“To accomplish great things, we must not only act; but also dream, not only plan, but also believe in our dreams”

Friends let me tell you real quick; the truth is that dreams are not meant for ourselves alone; when you dream alone, it’s just a mere dream; an ambition; and I’m not talking about that. I mean real ‘dream’; a dream for nations, families, societies, organizations, communities – that’s a true dream. There is this great advice from a great teacher I have come to respect and appreciate very much; he was in Nigeria sometimes ago. I’ve watched and I’ve listened to him, videoed the speech he delivered to the Nigerian government – he’s Rev. Jesse Jackson. Here is what he said:

“No one should negotiate their dreams. Dreams must be to free to flee and fly high. No government, no legislature, has a right to limit your dreams. You should never agree to surrender your dreams”

I now understand why Kahlil Gibran said:

“The most pitiful man among men is he who turns his dreams into silver and gold”

Meaning; dreams are not for sale; if you do have one and mortgaged it to someone somewhere, you’ll be stranded in life, and through life. You can’t stand before your people, the congregation.

to the day when
 all; all who work for
a living will be one with
 no thought to their separateness
as Negroes, Jews, Italians or any other
distinctions. This will be the day when we bring
into full realization the American dream
– a dream yet unfulfilled.
 A dream of equality of opportunity,
of privilege and property widely distributed;
a dream of a land where men will not take necessities
from the many to give luxuries to the few; A dream of a land
 where men will not argue that the color of man’s skin determines the content of his character; A dream of a nation where all our gifts and resources are held not for ourselves alone; but as instruments of service for the rest of humanity; the dream of a country where every man will respect the dignity and worth of the human personality”27

Remember again that when you dream only for yourself and immediate family, you are just a dreamer. You really don’t have a dream at all, no message to stand before the people; if all you do is dream and be ambitious about things that cannot transform or improve the society.
This great warrior was carrying a message! A message of destiny, of hope, of freedom, and a message to the nations of the earth! That message is fulfilled today; what a hero indeed!
Leadership is more than what your head can fathom. Do you know that:
“The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing”28
 What that means is that; no leaders (good ones), no leadership at all! The call to stand before people is not a convenient one. You’re never going find it easy, but do you have a dream? If ‘yes’, then it’ll be done. You will ‘somehow’ find it easy!
6.    Leadership is Ministry – to minister unto them. Let me quickly refer you to the point we’ve discussed about ‘Service’. That is ministry. Now listen to this solidarity:
“this is the duty of our generation as we
enter the twenty-first century
– Solidarity with the weak,
the persecuted, the
lonely, the sick,
and those in
It is
by the desire
 to give a noble and
humanizing meaning to a
community in which all members
 will define themselves not by their own identity
 but that of
Whenever I read the sayings of these great men, I always wander, if I’ll ever contribute to humanity as they have; and I somehow reason within myself; ‘can’t I be better off than they were; since I’m still in town – alive and in good time of life?’ well, I don’t know what you think, let me leave that to your heart; whether you’ll have a good courage and determination towards a good cause. I sincerely leave that to you.
7.    Leadership is going the extra-miles; there is no clear set rules for life, no, even within the confine of the concept and the principles thereof – the Levis’ Portion.

What does this mean really? It means to serve; to put incense into GOD’S nostrils. To offer sacrifice to the Almighty! What a great privilege for service! They were not limited to give or do service to the people only, but to render services to the Almighty as well. We are called to serve. In the olden days, Kings and Emperors always select certain group of people whose designation was to offer them food and drinks; they were at some instances called; “Cup-bearers”. Now, there were criteria for appointing those kinds of people, because it is a very delicate position in the whole realm. Some were bearers of ‘cup’ to the King. The most common example was Nehemiah. He was a cup-bearer to the then King Artaxerxes, (it’s found in his second chapter). “… that wine was before him: and I took up the wine and gave it unto the King…” how serious is this position? I can tell you that it’s a very, very serious and delicate position one ever occupy. Simply for the fact that, and because the life of the King is ‘in the hands’ of the said cup-bearer; anything can happen at just anytime. We’ve seen this severally in different movies and home videos, haven’t we? Of course we have! Just imagine; imagine that your driver is the son of your arch-enemy! Just imagine!
It’s like having or hiring a cook in your home. You can imagine the rest of the story, if he or she sets his or her heart to purport evil! Look at it this way: ‘what happens if your cook begins to liaise with your sole enemy?’ You can tell can’t you? I wish and sincerely desire that all men and women who are vying for any leadership position would seriously appreciate and truly know their place in the of the Creator! To offer incense before JEHOVAH! You know what means right? I want to believe that you really do.
Here, I’m focusing on the quality of leaders who are outstanding. People who can travel to that country-side called ‘extra’! Do allow me here to remind you of the words and sayings of Sam Walton, he said:
“Outstanding leaders go out of their way to boost the self esteem of their personnel. If people believe in themselves, it’s amazing what they can accomplish”

In leadership, our investment is on ‘people’; because we’re GOD’s vehicles of reformation for transformation of the nations of the earth. A leader should not take people to where they ‘want’ to go, but to a place where they ought to be – that’s a hard task on leaders, but it is not an impossible one!
“… our dreams is to see a national scholarship fund
set up for young people who have academic
talent but no money. This scholarship
would help them to gain any
type of education they
want in any
they want in the world…”
Ben went on to explain why; and he made his mission crystal:
“… most Philanthropists funds are too
politically oriented and depends too much on
knowing the right people or getting important people
behind you. We dream of … recognizes pure talents in any field… those gifted young people who deserve a chance for
success but would never be able to get
 near it because of lack of funds.
I would very much like to
 be in a position, where
 (leading; a leadership position, I added)
I would do something to help make that dream a reality”30

What a life! Can you hear the voice of a leader speaking out his heart and dreams for the benefit of humanity; a person whose desires to go the extra miles? He has a target, his goals and aspirations for the young people is very specific and directed towards achievement. In leadership or rather to understand leadership, one needs to know what specification is and how to make your goals so specific and precise. This is a quality that’s required in leadership.

I always like to dwell so much on contemporary leadership, because many of us have ‘over-spiritualised’ leadership and by implication, watered down it concept and true nature. What actually is leadership? You must have waited so long for me tell this right?

In leadership, our investment is on ‘people’; because we’re GOD’s vehicles of reformation for transformation of the nations of the earth. A leader should not take people to where they ‘want’ to go, but to a place where they ought to be – that’s a hard task on leaders, but it is not an impossible one!
“Leadership, can be clearly defined as a Lifestyle with the inert Ability to Positively Influence others, having the vehement Desire(passion) to Instill a very high sense of Self-control and Behavior modification, towards Achieving the Maximum and purposeful outcome in terms of human Potentials”31

Key ingredients can be sourced from here and the in-depth meaning of the term leadership will become alive in our innermost hearts and minds. Do yourself a favor, stick to some or all of the key words.
1.    A lifestyle.
2.    Ability.
3.    Positive.
4.    Influence.
5.    Passion (desire – vehement one).
6.    Instill.
7.    Self control (a high one).
8.    Behavior modification.
9.    Achievement (maximum).
10.    Potentials.
11.    Purpose (the way of leadership).

Two things stand out very clear on this point; life and a style. When it is a life; or when is something said to have become a life; then great things must be expected. Life here does not mean the bio, but something that has become ‘part’ of something. People can do some things, perform some task without a struggle, they just see themselves flowing. To others it may be a difficult task, but just put it right in their hands, it flows effortlessly. Style, is a way of doing something and it’s unique to you. Having a style of doing something makes you smart and elegant. It defines you. So, a lifestyle is having or doing something that has become part of you and can define you. Having a design; – style of a product or a particular way of doing something; that is it what it really means by having a style. And believe me on this; that is what Elohim intends leadership to be. Biblical leaders are called to do, and live in a particular way or pattern of life. Else, we don’t and won’t have any uniqueness in life at all!

Though generally having an ability to do something is not enough, but it’s a basic requirement. Simple; if you want (you really desire) to teach someone how to drive an automobile car, and he doesn’t even have the ability raise a hand and get hold of the steering; how can you teach him to drive? Now having ability is not enough; it’s a basic requirement though!
Now, ability according to Cobuild Student new Dictionary:
“Ability is the quality or scale that you have which makes it possible for you to do something”
All those who truly desire to lead God’s people, to lead their family, to lead and influence their community or society and to lead the world around them, must, of necessity posses these suitable ingredients. You need it, it makes things possible. It helps you to ‘do’!

It’s a great quality and it portrays hopefulness, confidence, good aspect of a situation, and it spells out a pleasant and helpful way. When you’re faced with a hopeless situation, what are you suppose to do? Be positive, think positive and believe in the good of every challenge you encounter in life. If you are positive about something it means you are completely sure of that thing. That it will turn out good, and yield good results.
Being positive reflects in almost every area of our daily life. These can be seen in the way you take:
    Positive decision.
    Positive Action.
    Positive response.
    Positive evidence.
    Doing things in a definite order.
We allow ourselves to go in life as far as our positive perception would take us to.

I love this one! Let me tell you something here; if you’re asked anywhere in this world, to summarize in one word, ‘what do you think leadership is; in just one word! What would it be?
Leadership is about influence, and that’s it. Leadership = Influence!
If you were asked, may be in a class lecture, to choose between these two brothers, of the same parents. Which would you rather pick?
    Brother Affluence, and
    Brother Influence.
Leadership without influence is work done that equals zero!
Listen up brother! There is a great deal of power, when you talk about influence. Here:
“Influence, is the power to make other people agree with your opinions or make them do (something) what you want”32

Your influence over someone can even affect (positively or negatively) the way he thinks, acts, believe, disbelieve on something or someone. And like I said already; if you have a good or bad influence, it will affect whoever is it you relate with, to the ‘good’ or ‘bad’ aspect of life generally. Influence is power, power is a force; and a force can be inertia – it’s very strong. It gets a hold of you and never lets you go free. It must leave a trace of something in you. Be a person of positive influence. I command you to! Sorry, but I do.

Though it has become a trademark in the market today, some of us still value it as a quality and virtue to be desired. This word is always associated with sexual feelings or attraction. But that’s not really true.
“Passion, is a very strong belief in something, that leads to the point of excitement. Something you like – very much”31
Now, the point is, are you passionate about seeing people free from oppression, suppression, abuse, and limitations of life?
Are you insulted by injustice and corruptions in your present society? Do you feel very uncomfortable when things are not right around you; it could be the community where you come from, the Church where you worship, an organization in which work?
Do you get the feeling of excitement when order and justice are being served in our society today?
If yes, then I think you are about exploding into the arena of leadership. Especially, when there is a part of you that want to serve and bring relief to people.
“You will never have a significant success with anything until it becomes an obsession with you. An obsession is when something consumes your thoughts and time. You will only be remembered in life, not for your obsession, but for your Passion!”

Before I go into this one, think for a moment about these:
    Have you requested for particular software that was not found in your computer system and you needed to use it and don’t have the know-how?
    Was there a need in your new house; say, a satellite disk and you needed to visit the company have it fixed in your house?
    Did you observe something wrong in your espouse and it’s affecting your marital relationship and it needs to be corrected?
Well, listen here:
“If you instill an idea or feeling
 into someone you make them
 think it or feel it”32
There are some trends that must be found in a leader, it needs to be instilled; I tell you what; that can actually be done through mentoring. I really recommend mentoring to every prospective leader. That is where character modification takes place. I will discuss about that in our eighth point – behavior modification. Now like electrical or software installations. That is how Leadership is; it can be instilled in someone.

Please try and do this little assignment; help me define ‘self’ alone. Find the meaning of ‘control’, now join them together.
Question: What is ‘self-control?’
Permit to share with you what I read about “self” in one of the writings of John Deney:
“The self is not something ready-made,
but something in continuous formation, a choice of action”

How true this is! Of course very true! Self-control is self in control. It is a virtue that is required in everything and anything we do in this life. Without this, no two people will ever live or agree on anything as a matter of covenant relationship, talk more of coming to live together under the same roof.
There is something I’d like to share with you; I really don’t know what a call this; but I found it in some of my collections and I think it’ll be of great importance to you. Here: (please follow it line by line, be sure you grasp).
be so
 strong that nothing
destroy your peace of mind.
To talk health, happiness, and prosperity
 to every person you meet. To make all your
friends feel that there is something special in them.
To look at the sunny side of everything and make optimism
come true. To think only the best, to walk only for the best, and to
 expect only the best. To be just as enthusiastic about the success
 of others as you are about your won. To forget the mistake
of the past and press to the greater achievements
of the future. To give so much time to the
 improvement of yourself that you have
no time to criticize others.
To be too large for worry, too noble for anger, too strong
for fear, and too happy to permit the presence of trouble.
To think well of yourself and to proclaim
this fact to the world, not in loud
words but in great deeds.
To live in faith that
the whole world
 is on your
side so long as you are true to the best that is in you”33

The summary is this is that; it is only self-control as a great virtue that will help you to desire the good of others and be happy when other people are truly blessed and progressing in life.

We all have certain behaviors that must leave us, sooner or later. Some must be corrected; some only needs some finishing touches, while others, a fire-brigade approach will do much better! In the world of leadership; whoever you are, wherever you are coming from, and whatever it is you think you possess; something in you must shift to the good side. How can you define behavior?
Behavior is too complicated to define; as a psychologist; we can only try to frame it in words and define it in a context – a particular context; but to define behavior in itself; it is real hard.
Behavior is your money in the bank. You determine how much you’d like to withdraw per time, and what you’ll use it for! You do what you want to do with it. It is similar to attitude. (Please refer to the phase on Attitude). Your behavior is simply the way you behave. You need to modify it to the right and not to the left; to the positive and not negative; to the good and not the bad. Make it for good!
The police of your attitude are your behaviors. Take it or leave it, behavior matters in everything you do. Mind the way you behave – it’s very important to your leadership position.

Life in itself is all about achievement. But many are mediocre and some are not even worried about achievement. You can choose to be a minimist or a maximist in terms of your achievements in life. Leadership relates to the maximist. You can’t afford to settle for the less in the hall of leadership – mediocrity is not welcomed there. Moses told Pharaoh of Egypt that he will not leave even “a hoof” of all the possessions of the children of Israel.  And I asked; what actually is the economic value of a hoof of an animal?
But the guy doesn’t care about that; as far as he was concern he wasn’t going to leave anything that belongs to God’s people to the possession of the pagan nation. That is about being a maximist!
“Achievement is something that
someone had succeeded in doing especially
after a lot of effort. It is a process”32
In leadership, we only focus on the achievement only; but we still want to know how great the achievement is, and to what extent one can access your performance; not only that, we are also interested in the largest amount achieved so far and ways in which the results were obtained. That is leadership – maximum achievement.

Just imagine this; you are coming from a very long journey, all you needed was a place to ‘crash’ and relax. You feel so weak and tired. Then all of a sudden, you felt a movement of something beneath your feet, and somehow you tried hard to resist it, but couldn’t and you noticed in no time that it’s a snake!
Just imagine okay? What do you think will happen or better still, what will you do? Did I hear you well; run? Of course you will run, but wait a minute, did you really say run? Where did you get the strength to run from? Potentials! Yes! It’s been there. Unused, untapped, unexplored. Did you buy the strength you got to run away from any nearby store? I don’t think so.
“You use Potential to say someone or something is capable (I like this), of developing into a particular kind of a person or thing”32
Let me just give you a little information here; do you know that a single human being can take on to more than six postures in a moment? For example you can:
    Crouch,
    Slouch,
    Slump,
    Squat,
    Kneel, or even
    Go-on-all-fours!
Even if you don’t know those postures or can’t perform them, it doesn’t mean that you really can’t! Right? Not knowing something or not been able to do something does not mean that it does not exist or it’s not possible. You can be trained to do just ‘anything’! Anyone can be conditioned to do what he does not believe he can - it’s possible.

Reason, is a very common and most popular question on the lips of every human being. You always ask, or you will always be asked why you did what you do; in offices or in your place of work. Even what you did not do, you’ll be asked why? Purpose – is the reason behind everything we do and everything we do not do. This is powerful. It is that feeling of having a precise, specific, definite aim and a state of being determined to seeing it come true. Purpose!
    Why do you desire that position of leadership?
    Why are you fighting for the right of your community?
    Why do spent sleepless nights doing something that even your immediate family may not even benefit from, but still can’t stop yourself?
What is the motivation behind your goals and objectives?
Wait here, let me recommend this book to you; ‘In Pursuit of Purpose’ by Dr. Myles Munroe. This is a man have listened to one-on-one; face to face. I’ve asked him questions, and I’ve had an opportunity where Dr. Myles autographed some books I purchased from him. Please buy his books! That’s by the way.
When purpose, on anything and about anything is lost, abuse is inevitable. There is no two-way about this.
There is a disease whose cure is yet to be discovered, until I started writing this book. Many so called ‘hospitals’ are truly in search for the cure, but you know something; and yet no results? I’m going to give you the prescription and the name of that condition. Ready?
Disease: ‘Pessimism’.
Cure: ‘Purpose’.
When a leader is void of purpose, even his followers will become a threat to him; and at the long run, he’ll start creating barricades, blockages, he will begin to insulate himself from the very people he claim to lead or have been leading. None of our leaders have what I call ‘open-door-policy’ today; you know why?
Lost of purpose! Yes!
I really and truly appreciate what Harold Geneen had to say on this:
“A true leader has to have a genuine
open-door policy so that his people are not
afraid to approach him for
any reason”
See that? That’s what I’m talking about! There are leaders who had lost many of their followers, some of them don’t even know the people are quitting and leaving them. I will tell you why:
“you don’t have readable, observable open-door policy!”
Your people can’t even feel your impact, you are not even there in the hour of their trials, when they need to ‘connect’ to and feel you; you’re not there, not always there for them. Your people needs you, seriously; deny them the opportunity to connect; and you will deprive yourself their company – especially when you will really need them around, that’s when they’ll desert you.
I think you must have that, particularly
when a team’s on the field, they look to you.
In critical situations, they look into your eyes to see if you’re
there. If you are not, they
start quitting”34
This is one reason why we don’t value our presence in the team, and we become bossy, and on the process lose followership. But what is leadership without followership? Do you know what I think? I think Harry Truman will help, because he’s ‘true’ on this point – Truman!
“You know what makes leadership? It is the ability to get men to do what they don’t want to do (ordinarily) and like it”
Purpose; to leadership cannot be over-emphasized. According to the divine purpose of GOD’S intend, leadership is supposed to be a vehicle for spiritual engineering and empowerment.
A bridge to link all humans to their lost position in the divine program! Let me take you to original plan of creation – MAN.
The greatest and devastating disease of all times is to live a life that is void of God’s original design and intent. It’s about the only thing I know personally that is worse than death itself!
Life without purpose – God’s purpose? It’s a great tragedy!
“The greatest craving of the spirit is to find a sense of significance. The search for relevance in life is the ultimate pursuits of man … purpose is the only source of individual and corporate
 fulfillment … it makes you ask yourself some
deep heart-searching questions, challenge
your resolve, encourage to check
your definitions of life,
success and
    Why am I alive?
    Why did God create, and place me here on earth?
    For what purpose was the universe itself created?

There is nothing on earth that does not have a ‘beginning’. I know you know that; isn’t it? The beginning of creation; I have something to tell you at this point; please do listen to this:
“Purpose, was the original intent, the reason for existence of a ‘thing’, the scope of our existence, the why of creation, and the all-encompassing – all things begins and ends with purpose”
Going back to the scriptures, we see something of great interest:
“In the beginning Elohim…”
‘In’; here is a preposition, so what does this really mean? If in the beginning Elohim did something; what was He doing before the beginning or what did He do ‘at’ or ‘before’ the beginning; (they’re also prepositions, mind you) began? Do you notice that? Genesis did not record what the Almighty did before the beginning it was not given to us. Did I get your attention here?
If not, let me be a little more clearer; if in the beginning Elohim created the heaven and the earth; what did He create before the beginning; what was happening before the beginning began, as recorded?
There was this argument in the ministry sometimes back and I’ve asked the same question from different leaders and each time, I get almost the same answer; if you don’t mind, let me ask the same question now; and here is it:
“Did ‘Man’ exist before Genesis chapter one?”
Elohim said:
“Let us make man in our image and after our likeness …”
Right? Okay! Now the question:
“Where was this ‘Man’ before GOD decided He was going to ‘make him – Man’?
Now, if Elohim created the heaven and the earth ‘in’ the beginning, where was GOD, before He created the Heaven and the earth?
Did you just say that? Purpose!
We don’t have answers in our world today – the entire universe lacks answers; people want to know many things. Reasons, the ‘why’ for everything, but the problem is this: we don’t actually have leaders who can raise questions regarding stuffs like that; no one seem to pay attention to those ‘blasphemies’! Let me inform today that our rising in life and ministry will only come through sound questions and reasonable reasoning! When we ask the right question; we’ll definitely get the right answers! That is not far away from the truth, right?
“He – Elohim God still speaks today; He’s always saying something; the challenge is; who cares to listen!”
I’ve got good news for you today; I have a little word of healing for the ‘Church’ today; and that is; we have answers! The world today is crying and yearning for answers; answers to what eats us up on the inside. Get connected to the right people, and stay connected with the men who carry GOD; you’ll receive answer for life; the answer of peace. Better still get connected to the FATHER of all lights. The Eternal and self-existent One! That is the best and the only way out of the troubles of this life.

“A Little More to What You Already Know”
Def. 01:
can be clearly defined as
a Lifestyle with the inert Ability to
Positively Influence others, having the vehement Desire (passion) to Instill a very high sense of Self-control and Behavior
modification, towards Achieving a Maximum and
purposeful outcome in terms of human
-    B. L. Dickson, Hon.
Def. 02:
“Leadership refers to qualities or methods that make someone a good leader… the group of people who are in charge of an organization (refer to the people)… someone’s leadership, is their position or state of being in control of a group of people”
-    New Student’s Dictionary.
Def. 03:
“Leadership is the capacity and will to rally men and women to a common purpose, and the character which inspires confidence”
-    Benard L. Montgomery
Def. 04
“Leadership may be defined as that quality that inspires sufficient confidence in subordinates as to be willing to accept his views and carry out his commands”
-    Fleet Admiral Nimitz
LI Hung Chang was once asked two questions:
“What is leadership and how is humanity divided?”
These questions were asked by Gen. Charles Gordon. Li H. Chang responded this way:
Def. 05:
“There are only three kinds of people –
those who are immovable, those who are movable,
and those who move them”
Another definition by a man I’ve known and have had one-on-one encounter with. Listen to this:
Def. 06:
“Leadership is the
Capacity to
Influence others through
Inspiration, motivated by a
Passion, generated by a
Vision, produced by
Conviction, ignited by a
-    Dr Myles Munroe
I think I like that definitions by both Li and Dr Myles. Something seems to be running hand-in-hand in both definitions.
Note the following in Dr Myles’ definition:
    Influence.
    Inspiration.
    Passion.
    Vision.
    Conviction.
    Purpose.

In the definitions above, and as we travel along the cities and towns of leadership, we kept observing and noting the following key ingredients, now can we list them?
1.    Capacity.
2.    Influence.
3.    Inspirations.
4.    Passion.
5.    Vision.
6.    Purpose.
7.    Behavior/character.
8.    Will/desire/willingness.
9.    Potentials.
10.    Ability.
11.    Achievement.
12.    Lifestyle.
13.    Confidence.
14.    Common goals.
15.    Self control.
16.    Quality.
17.    Do.

It’s so interesting to me, during my research to discover a definition that sounds a little more different, though some keynotes (very few) appeared in the definition. This one is by P. T. Chandapilla, he said cogently that:
Def. 07:
can be defined as a vocation which
blends both human and divine qualities in a harmony of
ministry by God and His people for the
blessing of

During my prolonged period of studies and research, I have come to discover that many people ends up defining a leader for leadership. It’s amazing because that sends a wrong signal. If a person cannot hold on to the silver lining, (between a leader and leadership) how can he effectively mentor others to become leaders in his life time?
Or would you rather prefer they know the truth or know it somewhere else and then doubt your competence in the subject? No way! There was this book I read; “Spiritual Leadership” written by Oswald J. Sanders. I’ve read and studied it very well and I was happy because he brought a distinction between the natural and Spiritual aspect of leadership - a clear contrast. It really shows that;
“People without natural leadership skills do not become great leaders at moment of conversion”.
This is very key; now like I said already, many at times we ‘over-spiritualize’ the whole concept of leadership and it is not right; it’s not healthy to the maturity of a potential leader, who aspire to travel into the arena of leadership!
Here are the contrasts Sanders pointed out in his book:
NATURAL                                     SPIRITUAL
•    Self confidence             Confidence in God
•    Knows men            Also knows God
•    Makes own decisions        Seeks God’s will
•    Ambitious                Humble
•    Creates methods        Follows God’s example
•    Enjoys command         Delights in obedience to God
•    Seek personal reward        Loves GOD and others
•    Independent (self)        Depends on GOD

Even though I do not completely agree with some of his points, still he’s done a great job by bringing to light, the fact that natural leadership should not be confused with the spiritual.
Everything is a web; life itself is a web; your level of understanding determines how you’re going to take this. All things are connected to the other, that’s how GOD designed this life in itself to be like! Your ability to raise an eyebrow on life’s issues will go a long way in helping you develop your leadership qualities.
“To define a leader in place of leadership is as bad as giving the definition of a driver for driving!”
I was actually inspired at a point in time by the bulk of mistakes made by students whenever they write a test in my leadership class; when responding to question during lecture time or when I’m marking their assignments. Many of them do confuse the two terms. There is a better aspect of me that I like very much; I always love being a unique person; and I enjoy the uniqueness of my personality and it spans through almost everything I do. Even when I was on this research work (this project), I’ve not forgotten that better part of me, because I love me for being me!

“And Elohim said,
let us make man in our image and after our likeness,
and let them have dominion over the…”36
In the Biblical context, man was created with the instinct of leadership or rulership. Man, was created to rule. There is a thin line between leadership and rulership, be careful, and don’t confuse that; and don’t get them twisted either!
The character threat of man, manifest rulership and dominion, and that is why man cannot have ‘generality’. In your life time on this planet-earth as a male-man; you will come to a state of possessiveness in life, when everything around you must carry your label; for example; when describing anything you own, you normally hear yourself saying stuffs like:
•    My father (meaning yours, not mine right?)
•    My mother,
•    My house,
•    My wife,
•    My child/ children,
•    My tribe,
•    My people,
•    My office/land,
•    My business,
•    My friends,
•    My bed,
•    My rights and the lists are endless.
Now, you must understand me, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that; and so also with the female-man. Possession is a true characteristic of humans; man is born to possess something.
To own something is to manifest your true self; man is born to ‘own’. But there is a better way than that to live on earth. And that is where the Creator is actually leading us to – a place where we can be just like Him; in character, conduct, personality, and uniqueness.
Remember, that the Scriptures didn’t record:
“let me make man in my own image and after my likeness”. No!
But rather;
“Let Us make Man in Our image and after Our likeness… and let them have…”
That is the language of divinity. ELOHIM – the Creator loves unity, oneness, and togetherness. Moving, living, and doing things together – everything in unity. He loves it. So we have to imbibe this same leadership language: we must learn to use the word us, we, our, and so on and so forth.
I always call it the leadership language; whenever I stand to lecture in my leadership class, every title comes down. Even when my new students stand up to introduce themselves other course mates would to whisper to them: “don’t use any title, just Mr. so or Mrs so.” Our language must change. ‘Me’ should become us; ‘I’ becomes we; ‘my’ changes to ours. That is the spirit! May our tongue change for a better even as we grow in relation to life issues itself, and as we pursue these leadership goals!

“The Quest For Excellence in Leadership”
Uniqueness is my own way of doing things, even though sometimes it looks odd when one doesn’t flow with the crowd. I have read and studied many books on leadership; been to different conferences and seminars on the same subject! At least you know I can say something on this very important subject matter. But there is something that always seems to get on my nerve; in most of those seminars, conferences, institutions, Bible teachings, and so on; I always find something conflicting; the definitions especially are mostly confusing and very complicated each time I try to break them down to literal sense of it. Therefore, let me do this my own way, if you’d allow me, is that okay by you?
“He who becomes an Elder must be blameless, the husband of one wife … ruling his own house well … must also have good witness from those outside…”37
Please I employ you to try hard and understand what I’m about to say to you now.
The quote or the Bible reference above does not clearly spell out the unique qualities of leadership, rather the essential qualities of an overseer is a leader, an elder and it is preceded to that of a deacon. Now by implication, an overseer; now if you’d believe me, an elder is a leader, and a deacon or deaconess is a leader too. But does that show or tells you the unique qualities of leadership? Because many writers lists them as the qualities of leadership just for the fact that it is written in the Scriptures. Of course not! At best it can be seen as the essential qualities of a leader! So you’ll like to ask me: ‘what are the qualities of leadership, right?
Wait a minute and let me ask you this: does or should leadership have qualities?
Lay your confusion to rest; I’ll help you a bit. Now, it’s actually not far-fetched, the qualities of leadership are integration of many qualities and characteristics of one’s personal life; and relational experiences with divers’ kinds of people and characters of different individuals. But in this project, we’ll do our utmost best to learn from the Biblical examples of men and women who in their leadership pursuits/positions have lived and served their generations with a good and quality lifestyle; with honesty in their dealings with life’s issues, and people. These are men by whom we can extract these essential qualities of leadership from. Not to be confused with the characteristics of a good leader, (qualities of a leader). Some of the books and many other materials have gone through or have read, had made a great deal of mistakes by mixing the two! Follow me carefully and with a simple and selfless mindset and let’s get something here that will be of good help to our material mind and hearts in understanding leadership qualities.
Now let’s get it straight to the point’ shall we? When leadership is in proper operation and well administered, we will definitely see the following obvious characteristics:

    Good Decision Making:
King David of Israel made a grievous mistake that costs the lives of thousands of his followers (his own people); it was due to his inability to take a good decision at that material time. He numbered Israel, no consultations, even from the Prophet in the land. Jehovah GOD was displeased; what David avoided, he later did! In your personal life you must be able to properly discern times and seasons, else, the danger you’re trying to avoid, you will find yourself buried deep inside; or the truth you should have followed, stick to, will hurt you and painfully you’ll do the right thing much later – time wasted, energy exhausted, reputation marred and so on. Decision making; is the ability to critically study and deeply consider the consequences of an action or situation and make sound judgment without the fear of failure – taking responsibility for a cause of action.

    Unity and Togetherness:
This is where the use of the ‘language’ most be well applied – the leadership language; ‘me’ to us; ‘I’ to we; ‘my’ changes to ours; let me, to let us; and on we go. Here you don’t do ‘things’ alone.

    Politeness and Friendship:
Among the people who are under your care, leadership must be administered in such a way and manner that will draw those who are in obscurity to lime light and fellowship, knowing each person and applying wisdom properly in relation to their individual differences – that’s what we call ‘manner of approach’.

    Peoples’ Skills:
A state in which people are given equal opportunity and development is made easy. Bring them together, develop their gifts and talents; harness those gifts and talents or potentials for maximum achievement or productivity.

    Inspirations:
That inner ability to challenge others towards positive and reasonable line of action. Opt to teach and communicate the team-spirit and passion, until the group becomes ‘one’ in purpose and pursuit. Like we saw in Genesis chapter eleven, without that nothing progressive will be witnessed.

    Take Responsibility:
The people (followers) and the leader (who is in the leadership position), must come to terms with ‘no excuse’ mentality; job delegated should be equal to job done! Taking responsibility goes beyond that; because when there is something wrong, the person who is or was in charge in the team should be able to ‘own up’; accept where he or she went wrong and be ready to make amends.

    A Positive Mindset:
Everything we do or find ourselves doing, and how we do what we do, are the sum total of our mindset. “The mindset of a leader sets the tone of his leadership qualities”. In leadership we shift to positive side of life, if our team must survive and the organization is ran successively. View people and situations from the same point of view, and you’ll have faithful follower.

    Elimination of Misplaced Priorities:
When Jethro (the Midianite Priest) came to the camp of Israel, he saw where, what, who, and how the people should be ministered to, and he began to mentor Moses by showing him things that were wrongly placed and how they should be placed; properly. When Moses noticed his mistakes and began placing his priorities right; in no time he became more effective in his leadership administrations. May that be our portion as we travel along this path of leadership!

    Shared Responsibility:
The ability to distribute jobs, work hard, deliver results without been worn out; and each job is carried out by a specialist – the economist called it; ‘division of labor’! this is also needful in our leadership pursuit.

    Equal Right:
What Mr. ‘B’ did that was wrong, the same goes for Mr. ‘Z’ if he does it - no favoritism, nor biasness; these are not right and it comes from the wicked one which should not be found in the leadership arena.

    Track Record:
All hands should be on deck; we must know what happened on what issue, who should or did what and how it was done or how did it go? In track record, we also try to find out the person behind what is been done and the outcome of the job done. The character of the person in charge matters a lot. All these are the visible qualities when leadership is in its proper place. The record consists of both good successes and ugly failures of the past and how we can avoid such in the future.

    Executive Assignment:
There are jobs and assignments that must be done and nothing order than that is expected. Whether or not someone is there, that job must be brought to a ‘finish’ – Yahshua Messiah did it, and later days of His mission on earth He said; “it is finish”. In leadership we must understand and stick to this principles of operation.

    Finishing Strong:
There something very important about finishing strong; not only getting the job done, but being able to finish well and in good shape; ready for the next assignment. Paul the Apostle, did it, he was successful in his leadership position and approach to the task that was set before him. We can as well do the same and be able to say:
“I have fought a good fight… finished the race, I’ve kept the faith… the crown…”!
What a joy, when you have done well and still are standing!

    The Big Picture:
Like I always tell my team members that; “we’re global leaders in local assemblies”. We may be in one corner of a town, but we see and plan to touch the entire universe in which we live in. Leaders see farther than you expect; they go farther some times to bring you closer; so if your leadership does not consist of the ‘big picture’ you can’t take people farther than your nose – a global leadership perspectives! We have to cultivate that, it’s very important that we do.

    Corporate Desires:
This is one of my greatest desire and passion; helping the team to advance together; including individual growth and personal development. That will lead to corporate need for expansion. We must aspire and ensure that in our leadership we give room for growth and expansion – this is very paramount to any organization once it’s understood.

    One Voice:
I don’t know how to put this, but just the way it came to me. When I say this way and another amongst us says that way. Then something is wrong, and must be re-addressed. Here failure is not the way out. We must be able to speak as ‘one’.

    Joint Ideas:
Nothing should be “my idea”. Put something on the table and allow us to make the most of it. That way we’ll never be stranded. And we’ll never run short of ideas. Ideas can grow a nation, establish an organization.

    Self Discipline:
Each and every person must be able to pay the price and be apt to manage success and failures; making something out of even the seemingly ugly circumstances. Never say ‘never’. It’s wrong! Work out something, learn it and live by it.

    Creativity:
Some people would say; ‘in my church, office, or so and so place, we use to do it like this’. No, no this is not your former organization, don’t bring that here! Rather be creative, look at possibilities and see how we can do this and have a great result. Don’t take us back to your village. Allow us to make progress in life.

    Open-System Policy:
Though we’ve talked about this easier; but in leadership, flexibility is also a vital key, you don’t know it all, I too don’t. You know a little and I know a little more, let’s bring it together. Which of them will yield maximum result or a better required outcome?

    Policy Implementations:
The ability and the willingness to put to use all the fragments and datum collected over a certain or a given period of time. Preserve the game; then go back to hunt more. Don’t just drop the first game, and rush in a hurry to hunt more. Avoid decay of ideas and policies. It’s very dangerous. Its leads to lost.

    Sufficiency and Efficiency:
What happens if we don’t have enough? How do we utilize the little on ground? Leadership is about maximizing the little ideas at hand in order to yield greater results. Christ – needed nothing more than the five loaves and two fishes, to feed five thousand people. How was that?
The quantity you’re desperate to have, may not be what is important to your assignment on earth. That much may not be what you really need.

    Loyalty:
This one is missing on our pulpit and in the pew. Gone for such a long time! Very few in our churches today had caught the glimpse of the tail. Even in our homes – our Christian home. Loyalty is lost; nobody seems to care. Can you stand up for me; fight to defend my image and interest even at the risk of your job or personal interest.

At the end, the above few qualities I’ve mentioned does not stop there and should not. To cultivate true characteristics and qualities of leadership takes practice and consistency in integrating and eliminating the good aspect of your quality lifestyle and the irritating ones respectively. Except we place a high value on character cultivation – which is a real hard work, I know that it is a heavy task; that distinguishes us from our followers, we have failed GOD in displaying a true sense of Biblical leadership. It’s time we call for a change, a true sense of maturity in our lives.
Time will definitely fail me to talk about:
    Constant improvement.
    Empowerment.
    Cooperation.
    Increase knowledge.
    Maximum achievement.
    Accountability.
    Maturity.
    Steadiness.
    Generational planning and forecasting.
    Hard work.
    Service to humanity.
    Diligence and professionalism.
    Trust-worthiness.
    Loyalty and team work.

All these are the manifest characteristics we see in any correct leadership administration; in any organization, community, society, and in our firms or even in our military and the Para-military. All companies and organizations are kin about the topic of this great concern. Leadership is what is lacking in our society today; the only and one problem that Nigeria and other developing nations/countries of Africa are facing is ‘leadership’! It has become the backbone and a focal point of discussion always everywhere. You don’t get employment in some organizations without being certified leadership-wise. Lastly, be reminded that:
“… All who work for a living is one with no thought to their separateness as Negros, Jews, Italians, or any other distinctions.
This will be the day when we bring into full realization the American dream – a dream yet unfulfilled. A dream of equality of opportunity, of privilege, property widely distributed; a dream of a land where men will not take necessities from the many to give luxuries to the few; a dream of a land where men will not argue that the color of a man’s skin determines the content of his character, and privileges in life; a dream of a nation where all our gifts and resources are held not for ourselves alone, but as instruments of service for the rest of humanity; a dream of a country where every man will respect dignity and worth of the human personality”27


“The Deep Cry of My Heart; for The Nations of the Earth”

How do I become an instrument of peace, development, and progress for the transformation of the entire world? I desire to touch the entire globe and become a blessing to every suffering nations of the earth.
Oh! That I have leadership wings; I could fly to every White House, and every government office; until my voice is heard and words written on pages of all the books of the world. Hear me Third World; We’ll have vibrant leadership; our nation will be transformed; soon, we will be a reformed nations of the entire world!

There are times and season for the development of any nation; don’t let your time and season pass you by. There are people who would like to buy your dreams and vision. Never let them take the best of and from you. Because no one should negotiate his dreams; it is a great crime against humanity. We must ensure that our dreams are set free to flee and fly high. No government, no legislature, has a right to limit your dreams. All the African nations, we’ve been deceived for too long; it has come to an end. We will now awake to our true dreams. We should never agree to surrender our dreams, whatever may be, let it be; but for our dreams and aspirations for life, no negotiation!

We must concentrate in raising strong politician, economic power, and local content initiatives programs.
It will be an insult for any country to tell us and show us how great and fortunate we are.
Cultivate anything good from the grassroots level to the national, federal and laying more emphasis on gross domestic products. We will surely become the pride of many nations. I believe in Africa, I believe in Asia, I believe in all the THIRD WORLD NATIONS!


Lastly let’s develop our leadership mind set! Listen to me: the mindset of any leader in our world today, sets the tone of his leadership qualities, integrity and influence. Mind set matters!


About The Author
Honorable B. L. Dickson (popularly known as Pastor White), born to the family of Malam Ladan H. Dickau Tal; he hails from Tal, Billiri Local Government Area; Gombe State of Nigeria, West Africa. A unique and a prolific writer of the Twenty-First Century; he is a deep thinker and a profound leader of the ‘Christian’ Faith. He is a selfless, humble, and dedicated Apostle of Christ (whom he love to call YAHSHUA MESSIAH), a de-tribalised and de-doctrinified Christian elder; an academician, a disciplined husband and father. With a balanced understanding of what ‘inter-faith religion’ truly is, and why. He is also a French Instructor to many private Schools and Institutions within the State.
The Founder and Coordinator of Dickson’s Leadership Institute Int’l, (DLI Int’l), Gombe. Presently He’s the Founder and Presiding Pastor of the “SHINING LIGHT ASSEMBLIES, GOMBE”. He’s married to Deaconess Sarah L. Dickson; aside other adopted children (though he doesn’t like to call them that), they’re blessed with a male child; Prince-Brian B. Dickson.
He has a B.sc in Psychology and several other academic qualifications in diverse fields. He is a ‘hard’ reader, (a ‘Book-Worm’ as he’s fondly called by many of his friends and close relatives). He has an unusual and an amazing knowledge of ‘Closed Events’ and also gifted in understanding the ‘Mysteries’ of the kingdom of ELOHIM and of times and seasons. This is a man who has an amazing flare for languages. A motivational and Conference Speaker! This is a man you should meet.
He has written more than forty books and still counting. He loves to blow peoples’ mind. He’s simply an interesting personality!


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