Who we are

We're based in Nigeria West Africa,
I have this to say, our focus is on good governance, leadership...
A time comes in the affairs of every government where leadership must take it proper place.
Discuss how this can be smart and realistic.

How do your government actually govern? That is entirely determined by it strong policy system and the rule of law.
We have been fed with chaffs and there is no true substance in our governmental affairs.

True leadership is lost, and we seem to pay less attention, we have abandoned everything into the hands so called politicians who are actually politicasting!
At the Dickson Leadership Training Institute International, we have set up a system for restoration of true governance and reliable leadership strategy!
Our services includes:
Transformational leadership training,
Personal development workshops,
Capacity building for staff,
Soft skills development strategy,
System creativeness and local content,
Transitional leadership mentoring,
We also offer with materials like; e- books, mp3and4s, texts, and etc.
We Conduct open system training seminars In churches, schools, institutions, organizations and more, we're also mobile...
We serve companies and organizations, and so much more!!!

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